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July Favourites

I've been travelling a lot recently and picked up a few things that I really love and that I'd like to share with you. Rather than going on about it I'll just get started...

I've been loving that perfume a lot! I'm really bad at describing scents but 'my HONEY' smells quite
fresh and fruity and it instantly makes me happy when I put it on... it's just the perfect scent for the summer!

-The Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Light 3
I've actually been using this foundation for the last 6 months and it's definitely been my favourite foundation so far! The consistency is perfect, it looks very natural on your skin but covers blemishes very well.  I can definitely recommend buying it, it's not the cheapest product but it's worth the money!

I've tried different makeup brushes over the last months and even though I found some that worked really well for me I've never been entirely happy with the result. That's why I decided to try a makeup sponge. I went to Boots and got the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and I don't think I've ever loved a makeup product that much - I find it much easier to achieve a natural make-up look by using a sponge than by using foundation brushes (this is just my personal experience, maybe I haven't found the right foundation brush yet, I've actually bought a Real Techniques Stippling brush a few days ago and I'm definitely giving that one a go) The Real Techniques makeup sponge is quite cheap (less than 5 pounds/ less than 8 Euros) and it helps you achieve a flawless make-up look.

I've heard so many positive things about Benefit's Hoola Bronzer that I decided to try it out. Another product that isn't the cheapest but that is definitely worth the money as it gives you a really defined makeup look. I really like the colour and I love that the box comes with a little brush (which can be very useful if you don't want to bring too many brushes along e.g. on a weekend trip)

I've also picked up a new lipstick which is the Annayake Lipstick in the Colour 18. I've been searching for a dark red lipstick for a long time and I wanted to find one which doesn't come off purple/pink once you've put it on and which is long-lasting. The lipstick in the picture (again, not a very cheap product) does all of that for me and is easy to apply!

I've finally been able to go to Superdrug and to buy some products from the Tanya Burr Nails& Lips Collection and I've fallen in love with her nail polish in the colour Mini Marshmallow. It's got an amazing quality and I really like that you can create quite a pink girly look but also a nude look if applying less of it to your nails. 

Enough about make-up ...

That Topshop bag was an absolute bargain. I actually got it for 18 Euros in Berlin (they got a small Topshop section at KaDEWe) and I really like its size as well as its colour. I've always wanted a bag in that colour but I found most of them quite expensive - therefore I got well excited when looking at the price tag of that lovely Topshop bag haha. Speaking about Topshop...

I picked up that crop top at the massive Topshop on Oxford Street and I think it's just perfect for the summer. I'm going to Spain very soon and this one is definitely going into my suit-case!

I love candles a lot but I've got to admit that I'm usually just sticking to the ones I love instead of trying new scents (I usually go for the vanilla scented ones from IKEA, very creative haha) but I've actually managed to get some other ones recently. This one is the Rose Petal and Martini Candle from Urban Outfitters and it smells absolutely amazing! 

After reading TFIOS (and loving it) I decided to read Looking for Alaska. Just like TFIOS Looking for Alaska is beautifully written and makes you feel both happy and sad at the same time. I really like it when books make you think about yourself and the life you're living and I have to say that this one definitely had that effect on me! It underlines the importance of friendship and it kind of makes you think about the big questions in life. I don't want to give too much away, just see for yourself, I'm sure you'll love that book as much as I do! x



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