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My favourite restaurants in London

If you're going to London and you're searching for a good place to eat then you might find this helpful. I'm in no way an expert as I'm not a Londoner but I've had the opportunity to spend quite a lot of time in London and I definitely enjoyed every second of it - it's my absolute favourite city. What I really like about London is the huge range of restaurants it offers. I've described my favourite ones down below, enjoy reading x

1. Whyte&Brown

A tiny restaurant near Oxford Circus in Kingly Court with an amazingly rustic flair and delicious food. Whyte&Brown offers different kinds of food, mainly chicken and burgers, but also great side dishes and salads. It is not the cheapest place to eat but it's definitely affordable - you can check out their menu by clicking the link above.

2. Suki

A small Japanese restaurant in the heart of China Town. It offers a large range of dishes with meat or fish as well as several vegetarian dishes and sushi and luckily their food isn't very expensive. The best thing about Suki is definitely the seating which is kept in a modern Japanese style - just give it a try and see for yourself.

3. Caffé Concerto

An Italian Café on Regent Street. If you have done a full day of shopping you might really like to stop by this cute Café. It's a lovely place to be in the afternoon but also earlier in the day as they offer various kinds of cakes but also small bites for lunch. Café Concerto definitely is a posh and ancient looking place but their food is still affordable. 

4. Nando's

Nando's is a British restaurant chain that specializes in chicken (a must if you're a fan of chicken!). Well I'm certainly not a fan of chicken and I still enjoyed Nando's a lot. They got great vegetarian burgers and some sides including fries and ratatouille. Nando's isn't pricey at all and you can basically find it all around London. 

5. Harrods - Ca'puccino

Last but not least - an Italian Café called Ca'puccino which can be found on the lower ground floor at Harrods. Ca'puccino offers amazing Italian gateaux and is definitely your thing if you'd like to enjoy a delicious piece of cake in the afternoon in an Italian flair. As you can probably guess the food they offer is rather expensive but it tastes absolutely amazing. - http://www.harrods.com/content/the-store/restaurants/ca'puccino

I hope that this might have given you some inspiration for your next trip to London.
What are you favourite restaurants? Feel free to leave a comment below. :)




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