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Monday Faves - inspiration for personal birthday presents


Finding a great present for a friend or a family member - not the easiest task. I'm always spending days thinking about the perfect present. Here are five ideas I've come up with - they are really personal, cute and not too pricey.

1. A memory box

A really cute idea for a friend. You just need a box and a few things that are reminders of moments you shared e.g. a face mask if you like to have pampering nights together, a film you watched together, her/his favourite sweets etc. You can wrap the box with wrapping paper or print out some pictures of you and your friend and glue them to the box. I think this box is a really cool idea as you're showing your friend how well you know him/her and as it's a great opportunity to recall the best moments of your friendship.

2. A collage

I like to use a canvas for creating a collage. You can either just use pictures or print out some cute quotes about friendship as well. I really like black and white photography so I would probably create a heart shaped collage in black and white. But that's entirely up to you. ;)

3. A personalized cup

You can either get her/his name or a photo of both of you printed on that. Tip: Go to a copy shop, you will save a lot of money that way. I like to fill the cup with things like chocolate, pampering products, self baked biscuits or anything like that. If you want to make it a very personal present you could also put a letter into the cup - or if it's for your girlfriend you might go for flowers :b

4. A cake

Who doesn't like cake? :) Especially if it's decorated nicely. You could make a heart shaped one and put your friend's name and age on it or you could attempt to make cupcakes or macaroons. Another idea (which is slightly expensive) would be to put a photograph of you and your friend onto the cake.

5. A drinking game

If you like to go to parties / clubbing together a drinking game might be a suitable present. You could give your friend some self made cards or even create a 7 seconds game. Or what about a self made 'truth or dare'? (:

I really hope this has helped you!



P.S. If you have some other ideas for cute and personal presents, then leave a comment below. x

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