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My favourite makeup product - the Naked Palette


The Urban Decay Naked palette (the first one) is definitely one of my favourite makeup products. It comes with an eye primer and an eyeshadow brush (which I always use for applying my eye makeup). The Naked Palette consists of 12 different shades of eyeshadow and what I like most about it is a) that you can use it to create a very natural but also a glamorous look b) that these shades are great to combine and c) that it's got perfect colours for each season. I personally like to go for a very bright and shimmery look in spring and in autumn I prefer a golden and slightly darker eye makeup. I'm mainly using 'Half Baked', 'Buck' and 'Smog' at the moment. The Naked Palette (1) definitely is your thing if you like shimmery eye makeup (there are only two mat shades). Like you can probably see I've been using this palette a lot and it's been my lifesaver during this summer - I don't like to take all my makeup with me when I'm travelling and this palette basically has every eyeshadow colour I need.

What do you think about the Naked Palette(s)?
Are there any other  eyeshadow palettes you like?




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