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Which primer should I get?


I've tested various different face primers and these are the two I liked most. I know that some people don't use primers at all but I personally see them as quite important because they minimize pores and create a great base for applying foundation. So these are the primers I enjoyed most:

1. The Porefessional Primer by Benefit

This primer really keeps what it promises. It minimizes pores and helps you achieve a flawless makeup look. The Porefessional Primer is an oil-free product and contains a light brown texture that adapts well to your skin. I really like to use it before applying foundation as it helps to achieve a very natural and even look. Even though the tube is very small this primer lasted quite a long time (a bit longer than the Smashbox Primer).  It's definitely not the cheapest primer but I personally think that it's worth the money.

2. The Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

Another primer that is quite pricey but totally worth the money in my opinion. This primer minimizes pores and creates an even surface which is very helpful if you want to apply foundation afterwards. I really like the texture of the Smashbox Primer, it's more liquid than the texture of the Porefessional one. If you've got very dry skin (like me) I would definitely recommend this primer to you. It helps your skin to stay hydrated and I feel like that makes it a lot easier to apply foundation and powder without your skin looking dry and that your makeup look will appear a lot more natural this way.

-> Two primers that are definitely worth buying as they create a great base for foundation. The Porefessional Primer by Benefit might last a bit longer and I would use this one if I had to cover up a lot of spots and blemishes. However, if you've got dry skin I would definitely recommend the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer as its texture helps your skin to stay hydrated and therefore your makeup will look a lot fresher and more natural.

Hope this has helped you if you are wondering which primer to get. x

Which face primers do you recommend? 
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