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Huge Autumn Fashion Haul


In the middle of September the new mall in my town finally opened. It's a really cute one, kept in a modern and posh style with loads of good shops and restaurants. I knew I was going to leave my hometown soon anyway, so why not doing a bit of shopping just to test out the new mall? Well, the whole thing actually turned into a huge fashion haul - the collections for autumn were amazing, it was just impossible to resist the temptation haha (you all know how it is ...). So these are the things I got:

First I went to Mango - I love this shop anyway and their autumn collection is just the best! They had some really cute jumpers which were just perfect for autumn and winter - quite baggy and super comfy! I also picked up some shoes at Mango - I think these shoes are really good to combine and can be worn with an elegant but also with a casual outfit - I personally love combining tight pants, a baggy jumper and heels - I think that makes a perfect mix! 

I then picked up some tight sweaters (the left one is from Promod, the right one is from Reserved) because they both looked very casual but chic at the same time. I think that these sweaters are amazing for autumn as their material isn't too thick and as they both got medium long sleeves. I like to combine these sweaters either with a skirt (if I'm going for a rather elegant look) or with tight trousers and heels/ boots (if I want to keep it casual). 

I definitely went overboard at Reserved (if you don't know this shop, I highly recommend checking out their online store!). I just couldn't resist as I saw this lovely white blouse with little triangles printed on it. I also love the black collar, it really rounds up the outfit I think. As the rest of the clothes this blouse can be worn to any occasion.

I also got two skirts at Reserved which I really love ( I'm definitely a skirt addict!). First I picked up a faux leather skirt which by the way looks amazing if you combine it with the blouse from the picture above. I actually got it a size bigger because I thought it looked better as a slightly oversized skirt. I then got a skirt a usually wouldn't go for - a grey maxi skirt. I usually go for relatively short skirts so this one is something new for me. I just love how elegant it looks and I'm actually excited to see if I can pull that one off.

Last but not least I got a grey blazer with a pocket on each side and faux leather on the shoulders. I love blazers a lot, they add a posh and elegant touch to every look. What I really liked about this one was the material and of course the cute details. This item wasn't the cheapest but definitely worth the money! I might even think of wearing it to a Christmas party as it looks really elegant haha.

I hope you like the things I got. I definitely do not regret buying them as I've been wearing them a lot, they are just perfect for autumn!

Which shop has the best autumn/winter collection? Have you done a haul yourself? :)
Let me know in the comments. x




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