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Here I am writing a blog post after almost 18 hours of travelling and almost zero minutes of sleep. Seriously, I’m jealous of these people who can just fall asleep in an instant haha. I always bring a really comfy cushion with me and wear my comfy clothes hoping that I will fall asleep at the beginning of the flight and wake up after 10 hours feeling fresh and wide wake. Yep, that’s never really happened and probably never will. But anyway, the range of movies you can watch on long flights kind of makes up for the lack of sleep. So here I am, about to land in Cape Town, where I’m going to spend the next few months of my life. Half a year doesn’t sound like a big deal - still it is. I think that nothing influences you as much as the experiences you make outside your usual sphere, outside your comfort zone. Living in South Africa will definitely change the way I think, the way I act, the way I am. The flight itself has been quite an adventure so far as I needed to change twice - in Heathrow and in Johannesburg. When I finally found my connecting flight at London Heathrow I was feeling exhausted - connecting sounded so easy on the website of the airport - not that it was difficult to find the right way... I just didn’t think that the way would be that long (as I didn't have to go to another terminal.) Well, changing at Heathrow was a piece of cake compared to changing at Johannesburg - I was the last one to board the plane because I had trouble finding my gate (well that might actually show that maybe it was only me struggling haha) Now I’m finally taking the last step towards my destination and I know I look like I hadn’t slept for a week (good thing no one knows me in SA, but seriously, travelling in style isn't possible if your suitcase weighs 32 kg).

Anyway, I’m looking forward to a great time in Cape Town and to loads of new experiences! :)

Have you ever left your country for a long period of time? :) x



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