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CT - Malls & a bowl of rice

After spending a few weeks in Cape Town I definitely have to say that I’ve fallen in love with this city that offers so many different opportunities and contains such diversity. That’s what’s struck me most after arriving - I’ve never seen a place that is so mixed up. On our first day in Cape Town we went on a very touristic hop on hop off tour covering the major sights - we went to Hout Bay, to a wine tasting where we found some Chinese friends and to some other interesting places. We saw where the super riches are living, drove along one of the townships that almost seem to be states of their own, with their own rules and their own traditions, sometimes even with their own language. In Cape Town you are constantly confronted with contrasts. You can drive by a fancy looking mall and get lost in the township in the next second. That’s exactly what happened to my friend and me when we tried to drive back home - our navigation app went for the fastest way, which led us through the townships at night. A scary and fascinating experience at the same time, everything seems to happen out in the open, in the middle of the street. Speaking of driving - that is definitely a challenge if you are used to driving in a country where laws are strictly followed. I think I’ll need to go back to driving school when I’m back home haha. 

Cape Town is certainly a place you need to see. I just love the beaches, the people, the South African way of life and the job I’m doing here (not that I’m here for holiday haha). As a volunteer I’m spending a lot of time with children living in rough areas. It’s very easy to spot the difference between a child from a family in Europe and a child that is used to living in the townships - these children know how to fight, know how to take care of themselves often because they had to learn it the hard way. They appreciate the little things - a bowl of rice, a cuddle, a packet of chips. It’s the most heart warming experience to play with them and to see them smile. It really makes your overthink your own values in life, leads you to the question what really matters and gives you a feeling of appreciation and gratitude. At least that’s how I’m feeling about it. I can’t wait to spend more time with them, and to make more memories in Cape Town.

I put some snaps that I took below.

Have you ever been to Cape Town? What did you like most about it? Leave a comment below. :)




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