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I recently discovered a South African restaurant chain and loved it so much that I decided to dedicate a whole blogpost to it - Vovo Telo. You can find these restaurants in the bigger cities of South Africa, some of them are located in Cape Town. I discovered Vovo Telo when  went to the Waterfront for the first time and I’ve gone there plenty of times since. If you ever visit South Africa, then please stop by, their food as well as their ambiance is amazing. Here is a quick review for you.


Vovo Telo is kept in a vintage style. There are old bookshelves, persian carpets and creative wallpaper adding a special touch to the restaurant experience. The chandeliers and their dim light let the place appear quite posh and so do the armchairs in the corner of the room. All the pieces go really well together and create a big unique puzzle. 


Vovo Telo doesn’t have the longest menu but there is definitely something for everyone. They got pizza, pasta, sandwiches, burgers, salads, soups and they also offer breakfast as well as some lovely desserts. I had some bruschetta that tasted delicious and somehow exotic as it was topped with various vegetables and not just with tomatoes and onions, as most bruschettas are made. I then got myself a pizza with mushrooms and mozzarella cheese and I absolutely loved it. Vovo Telo might not offer pages of food but the dishes they got taste amazing and are something you can’t get at every restaurant. I can definitely recommend their Italian food, it tastes exquisite. After dinner I treated myself to a lovely dessert, an orange hazelnut cake which certainly was too much for one person - my friend got herself a chocolate brownie that tasted just as good as it looked. Vovo Telo is also worth a visit if you are a tea lover - they got an amazing range of different sorts of tea.

Prices & Service

Vovo Telo is not the cheapest restaurant, but it’s definitely affordable. You can get pizza and pasta for about 6 Euros and drinks and desserts are usually under 3 Euros. Furthermore they got really good and fast service at Vovo Telo, a perfect place to take a quick break from shopping or from whatever you are doing. 

Overall experience

Vovo Telo offers exquisite food in a vintage and cosy atmosphere - definitely a place to go, especially if you are a fan of italian food and think that dessert is obligatory. :)


Mira x

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