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Christmas Emergencies & how to save yourself from them


I can't believe that it's only a few days until Christmas! I thought that I'd have plenty of time to get all my Christmas presents and get on top of my Christmas preparations but it turns out that December has passed by way too fast. And if you're like me you'll still be searching for the perfect present or the perfect outfit for Christmas on the 23rd of December. And you'll run through the malls, desperate to find something your parents might like (which isn't the same present as you gave them last year) and you'll end up wishing that Santa actually existed so that you didn't have to organise everything by yourself. However, there are some tricks that I've learnt so that stress can easily be avoided. I'm more than happy to share these with you, so here are things to do in case of Christmas emergencies.

1. The "I still don't have a good present" emergency

So why not create a personal gift? A lot of them are very easy to make and are very affordable as well. Here are my four favourite DIY gifts for Xmas:

-> Xmas biscuits. Just take a jam jar, clean it and put a handful of self made Christmas biscuits into it. You can decorate the jar using gift wrapping, stickers or ribbon, however you like it. 

-> A very festive gift. Write a list of 24 precious moments you shared with your friend or even a list of 24 things you like about that person. It's a very personal gift and it's a great way of showing your friend how much you appreciate the your friendship. You might even frame the list with a self made Christmas frame made out of green or red paperboard.

-> This present is very similar to the first one. Take a jam jar or any other kind of jar and decorate it nicely. The put a bit of sand into it and put a tea candle in the middle of it. 

-> Personalize a bore-ball. You might even create a chain of bore-balls and write your friends name on them writing one letter on each bore-ball. Or you might write your friend's name on one side of the bore-balls and a cute little message on their backside.

2. The "what to to with my family" emergency

If you're celebrating Christmas with your family you might want to think of a nice little game to play. My favourite things to do are playing Secret Santa or a Christmas singing game, the rules are very easy: The youngest person has to start. Each person has to sing a Christmas song (or at least 10 seconds of it) when it's his or her turn. You have 5 seconds to start singing a Christmas song, otherwise you're out. Another thing I love doing with my family is telling Christmas stories. Each person has to contribute their favourite Christmas story or their favourite Christmas poem and read it aloud. That way you can make sure that everyone is involved and helps to create a memorable day.

3. The "I don't have anything festive to wear" emergency

There are a lot of easy ways of adding a festive touch to your outfit. If you don't have anything special to wear then just settle for a classy black dress and add a red belt made out of ribbon or put a red bow into your hair. Another thing I really like for Christmas is golden eye makeup and dark red lipstick - that will definitely make you look festive!

I really hope this has been helpful and might have eased the stress before Christmas at least a tiny bit.
What are your favourite DIY Christmas gifts? Leave a comment below. x



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