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Mystic Christmas Market & Wrapping presents

I've been to plenty of different Christmas markets but this one is definitely standing out - unlike most of the other Christmas markets it is not located in town but in the woods. Furthermore a lot of visitors seem to come every year which almost makes you feel like a part of a big Christmas community haha. I personally fell in love with the location and all the little stands - you could literally buy everything there - from mulled wine & pretzels to clothes, stationary, home ware and plenty of Christmas decoration. They even had a little Christmas carousel for children and a bonfire where you could roast your own bread - for me it brought loads of memories back from class trips and birthday parties from my childhood. If you've never roasted bread over an open fire you've been missing out (and should go to the Christmas market in Velen to experience it!). I treated myself to some chocolate cake and a hot chocolate (gosh, it was freezing outside) and of course some Christmas biscuits. If you ever come to Germany during the Christmas season I strongly recommend visiting the Christmas market in Velen - I've never found it easier to get into the Christmas spirit and I really enjoyed the mystic atmosphere that came with the setting. 

 Another thing. I decided to wrap my presents early this year (I usually leave it until the last minute and I've even had to wrap them while the others were having biscuits and coffee because I didn't manage to do it earlier). That's why I decided to do it very early this year so that this kind of stress could be avoided. I went to 'Depot', a home ware shop and bought some cute ribbons and name tags and I had also picked up some wrapping paper and some stickers at Checkers in South Africa - I really like to use brown wrapping paper and cord - I just like the 'natural' look of it. Have a look at the presents, I really put some effort the wrapping this year and I think it turned out quite well. :)

I'll put some pictures of the Christmas markets and the wrapped presents below. What is your favourite Christmas market? Leave a comment below. ;) x



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