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CT - My trip to Kruger National Park

I recently had the opportunity to visit Kruger National Park for two days and I feel like this wasn't only the highlight of my stay in South Africa but also one of the best days of my entire life. If you ever get the chance to go on a safari, do it! I decided to book my tour via Africa Spear which turned out to be a great decision. On my first day I got picked up in Pretoria from where we went directly to the national park. There I met two lovely people who joined me for my safari tour. (They came from France and Holland but had met in Italy and therefore spoke Italian with each other, slightly confusing haha - just in case you ever read this, it was great to meet you!). Afterwards we went on a 6 hours safari which was absolutely amazing. Even though the afternoon isn't the best time for seeing animals we got pretty lucky and saw a lot, from turtles, hippos, giraffes and elephants to lions, baboons, water buffalos and plenty more. And it's not only the variety of animals that is stunning about the Kruger - the landscape itself is beautiful. Our tour guide told us that it would take you at least 10 days if you fully wanted to explore the national park and you would see every different kind of landscape on your way, from high grass and trees to flat land. After leaving the park we were brought to our bungalows in which we would stay for the night. The bungalows were amazing, they even had cutlery for having a braai (a barbecue). After freshening up before dinner we went to a restaurant near a lake where I had some camembert with cranberry sauce and hash browns (yum!). The next day we woke up pretty early because the early hours of the morning are the best time for seeing animals. So after a cup of coffee and a vanilla muffin we were good to go! The second safari tour was just as stunning as the first one. We saw some more animals and we appeared to be quite lucky when it came to elephants haha - I seriously lost count on how many of them we saw! I personally love the excitement you experience on a safari tour - there could be an animal lurking around every corner. It can be a real challenge to spot them. After 3 hours we returned to our bungalows (and to the restaurant near the lake) to have a nice full English breakfast before we headed out into the wild again. Later that day my tour guide brought me to Nelspruit ( on the way a buffalo just randomly crossed the road) so that I could take the bus back to Pretoria. I would be lying if I said that these two days weren't among the best of my life. 

Of course I took plenty of photos, I'm going to put them down below.

Have you ever been on a safari tour? What was your highlight? Leave a comment. x 




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