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My Foundation Routine


I thought I might share my current foundation routine with you. I have been using these products for quite a while now and I think they go really well together and are perfect for achieving a great looking and natural makeup look. So this is my foundation routine, enjoy reading. x 

1. Priming my face 

After moisturising my skin I apply my primer - I use the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer because it is really hydrating and it minimises pores and covers blemishes very well. I know that a lot of people don't use a primer but I think it's really helpful to do so, especially if you got dry skin or if you want so cover some spots or blemishes. I usually use a makeup sponge for applying primer because this way you allow the texture to really sink into your skin.

2. Applying foundation, concealer & powder

Next I use a foundation to create an even skin tone and to cover a bit of redness in my face. I use the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in the shade Deauville. This foundation is my all time favourite one because it has a great texture, it makes your skin glow slightly (but not too much), it is really covering and it will definitely last all day. I like to use a makeup sponge or the Real Techniques Stippling Brush to blend in my foundation - I really take my time to blend the texture in nicely because that's essential for creating a natural makeup look. After applying my foundation I use concealer to cover tiredness and spots and blemishes. At the moment I'm using the Lasting Perfect Concealer by Collection 2000 - this is a really cheap drugstore product that covers spots very well and is long lasting at the same time (the name doesn't lie). I either use another makeup sponge to blend in my concealer or I simply use my fingers. Then I apply a bit of powder to my face - I never use a lot because I want to keep it as natural as possible. I feel like applying powder is very important, though, because it makes your skin look very smooth and even and it helps your foundation and concealer to stay in place. My favourite powder is the Chanel Mat Lumière Powder - it is quite pricey but I promise it lasts for more than a year so it's worth the money.

3. Contouring my face

For contouring I use the Hoola Bronzer by Benefit as it's my all time favourite bronzer and either the Smashbox contouring kit or the Shimmer Brick by Bobbi Brown. First I apply a bit of bronzer under my cheekbones and I always make sure to blend it and to only apply very little because otherwise it will look overdone and unnatural. If you accidentally apply too much bronzer you can always put a bit of powder over it and over the edges to make it look more natural. Next I use a highlighter - if I want to go for a very natural look I use the champagne colour from the Smashbox Contouring kit and apply it on my cheekbones. If I want to go for a more glamorous and glowing makeup look I use my Bobbi Brown Sandstone Shimmer Brick instead - this way you get a really beautiful and slightly shiny makeup look. For contouring I mostly use the Sheer Powder Brush by Bobbi Brown because it has a great size and shape for applying bronzer and it is honestly the softest brush I've ever had.

3. Blush & a final touch 

After contouring my face I use a blush. I personally love the Duo-Rouge Powder by Rival de Loop -  it is a really affordable drugstore blush that consists of two different shades, a dark red and a light pink. I love mixing these two colours, they go together perfectly. Sometimes I only apply the light pink, though, if I want to get a 'no makeup' makeup look but mostly I mix the two colours together  and apply a bit of it on my cheeks. I like to use the Blush Brush by Barbara Hoffmann - its shape is perfect or applying blush. Last but not least, I use the High Definition Powder By Makeup Forever to make my makeup look long-lasting and to blend any harsh lines of the blush and the bronzer. This products works really well and I assure you that it will make your makeup stay in place. I'll publish a review about this product very soon, keep you eyes open. For applying this finishing powder I use a big powder brush by Ebelin - which you can get for very little money at a drugstore.

This is my current foundation routine, I hope it's helped you or given you some inspiration. What products do you use for your makeup routine? Let me know in the comments. x 

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