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5 birthday presents your friends will love


Finding the right present for someone always feels like a huge challenge. I usually spend hours thinking about what to give my friends or family. Personal presents are always a great idea (I've done a blog post about that already) - but sometimes you just don't have the time or the right idea to create a personal present or you simply prefer buying things for your friends. So here is a guide for great birthday presents that are easy to get, enjoy reading. x 

1. A cookbook

If you got a friend that likes cooking or baking, then why not buy them a cookbook? Get a book about things they enjoy - that might be vegan food, desserts, salads or cupcakes. I really love this book about making cupcakes - they are tons of recipes in it, traditional ones and really exotic ones. And if you've ever had one of Lola's cupcakes, you know that you'd want this book!

2. A Benefit beauty kit

Honestly, how cute do these look? Makeup kits are a great present if you're friend is into makeup and beauty. I got a blush kit and a travel kit from Benefit and I can definitely recommend these two. The 'Sugarlicious' kit contains a lip tint, the High Beam Highlighter, the Sugarbomb Blush, the Sugarbomb Lipgloss, a tiny brush, a mirror and even instructions on how to apply these products. The travel kit ( that's not the official name but that's what I would call it) contains the Porefessional Primer, the Hoola Bronzer, the They're Real Mascara and the It's Potent! Eye Cream. Both of these sets are amazing for trying out new Benefit products or for travelling.

3. A cosmetic bag

Another present for friends that like makeup and beauty - these cosmetic bags from Typo come in different prints and they are the most adorable cosmetic bags you can find. Another really good thing about them is that they aren't too expensive (under 7 Euros). You can get cosmetic bags like these at http://cottonon.com/AU/shop-by-brand/typo/.

4. A book asking a question a day

This book is a diary that asks you a random question every day for 3 years - I just love taking a minute a day to answer a question - it makes you rethink what happened that day in quite a funny way and you can see how your answers change over time.

5. A Barbapapa

Do I even need to explain this? These Barbapapas are one of the cutest presents I've ever got. They are great for children but also for adults ( I mean, you can never be too old to find these cute). You can get a Barbapapa in pretty much all sizes and colours - I own a red one that is apparently wearing mascara and a black one as well.

Ideas for personal birthday presents - 

I really hope that this has given you some inspiration! What do you like to give your friends as a (birthday) present? Leave a comment. x 



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