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My Current Drugstore Favourites


I love trying out new drugstore products - sometimes they might be even better than high-end products and if they disappoint you, then at least you didn't spend too much money on them. I have already done a blog post about my favourite drugstore products, I'm going to link it down below. So here are my current favourite drugstore products, enjoy reading. x 

1. The Duo-Rouge Powder by Rival de Loop

I have already mentioned this product in another blog post - it is a beautiful blush that consists of a lighter and a darker pink shade. I really like that this product gives you different options: you can either apply a bit of the lighter shade if you are going for a natural, no makeup makeup look or the darker shade if you're going out and want to achieve a more dramatic look. You can also mix the two colours together - that's what I usually do. This blush is long-lasting and not pricey at all (about 4 Euros).

2. The Tinted Roll-On by Garnier

One of all time favourite products. It isn't that cheap (about 10 Euros) but it's 100 % worth the money as it will last for such a long time - I've had this product for over a year and I've been using it on a daily basis and it still isn't empty. This roll-on is great for covering dark circles under your eyes - after applying it you will look so much more awake! This product also claims to hydrate your skin and to reduce the appearance of dark circles - I would agree with the hydrating part, this product makes your skin feel very smooth and refreshed but I haven't noticed a difference in the appearance of dark circles. However this roll-on is my favourite product for covering dark circles and I will definitely repurchase it. 

3.  The Extreme Volume Extra Black Mascara by P2

This mascara only costs about 3 Euros and still does a great job - first of all it really is waterproof. Second of all it helps you create a lot of volume and makes your lashes look really long and feathery. I think that this is the perfect mascara for a night out - it won't smudge, it will look good no matter what and it creates a really dramatic eye makeup look. I also love to put this product in my clutch when I'm going out - I don't like to bring expensive makeup along because well, who hasn't lost their stuff at least once while going clubbing? 

4. The Catrice Velvet Matt Smokey Eye Pencil

Another product I can highly recommend for achieving an evening makeup look. You can apply a very thin line if you want to go for a subtle look or a thicker line if you're aiming for a more dramatic eye makeup - then you can use the integrated brush to smudge it slightly - I would not apply this product on my lower lash line though because it isn't waterproof and will smudge very easily. I really love the look you can create with this product as it looks more edgy and mysterious than a normal eyeliner - moreover it is a lot easier to apply. I got this eye pencil in the colour 'Please, Mauve back!' but it's also available in two other colours. I would definitely give this product ago, it will last you a long time and it's only about 4 Euros.

5. Essie Nailpolishes

Essie definitely is my favourite drugstore brand for nail polishes - they got great colours which moreover come in great quality. My two favourite Essie nail polishes are a dark red (number 55) and a nude colour (number 13). The nude colour looks really pretty and shiny on your nails - it also has great coverage if you apply two coats of it. The dark red colour is a beautiful rich red - I've been searching for a pretty red nail polish for a long time as red nail polishes often look very pink after applying them - this nail polish doesn't do that. Essie nail polishes might not be the cheapest but you get great quality for under 10 Euros. 

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What are your favourite drugstore products? Leave a comment. x 


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