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My trip to the sea


Last weekend I went on a short trip to the Baltic Sea with a friend and her family. We had a great time and came back feeling relaxed and refreshed - sometimes a bit of peace and quiet really is all you need.  We spent our time taking longs walks through the nature and relaxing at one of the beaches. On Saturday we visited a local market and I picked up some bits and bobs for decorating my room. Another thing I did was taking plenty of pictures, I'll put them down below for you. All in all I had a great trip - and I really enjoyed exploring my home country. If you haven't been to the north of Germany I can definitely recommend it - you can expect some beautiful spots and a really peaceful time - and lots of cute shops and markets. Why always go abroad for vacation when the same beauty awaits you just 4 hours away?  I absolutely loved to see another side of my country.

Have you ever been to the Baltic Sea? Leave a comment below. x 

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. x




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