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Tea Time & a Martini Candle


I decided to give myself a break yesterday. A break from everything that's going on, a break from planning my future, a break from my life. I feel like it is really important to take these breaks and to allow your mind to rest for a bit. Especially when you're confused or when you're feeling a bit overwhelmed with things - giving your mind a break will help you refocus and revalue what is currently happening. What I like to do is make myself a cup of tea and light some candles. My favourite ones are my Rose Petal & Martini Candle from Urban Outfitters, my Cookie Candle from Depot and my Vanilla Candle from IKEA (I think everyone has had this one at least once in their life). I also like to read blogs or a magazine to get some inspiration or I read a book to simply take my mind off. If I feel like I'm losing focus I like to think about my goals in life and what matters to me most. Another thing I like to do is to focus on what is currently good in my life, on the goals I've already reached, on the exciting things the future will bring and on the things I can do to feel better in life - we tend to dwell on negative things way too often without trying to change something. I really like this quote by Mary Engelbreit: 

"If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it"

So if there's something you can do to feel better, do it. If there isn't, let it go. Your own happiness should be very important to you. And sometimes taking a break will help you to realise things and to get new inspiration.




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