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CT | Where to go for the best food in Cape Town


As you might know I recently came back from Cape Town and the city has definitely conquered a special place in my heart. One of the things I love most about Cape Town is the huge range of exceptional cafés and restaurants - you can find anything from tiny retro cafés to Chinese restaurants or posh restaurants near the harbour. I personally love places that have a special touch to them and that offer food that cannot be found everywhere. So here are my favourite places to go to when you're hungry and wish for a special dining or breakfast experience, enjoy reading. x 

1. Rcaffé

If you want to enjoy great food in a very retro atmosphere, this place should be your thing. The Rcaffé is located on Long Street and it is kept in a bohemian and very creative style. A lot of the decoration is made out of recycled items and that adds a special touch to the place. The Rcaffé offers pretty much every kind of breakfast you can imagine and sandwiches, pasta and salads are on the menu as well. Rcaffé offers something for everybody - whether you like to eat a healthy organic breakfast or a croissant filled with chocolate or a rich pasta - you will definitely find something you can enjoy. Moreover eating at this café is very affordable - a rich breakfast is only about 5 Euros.

2. Slow Life

Another place that is very retro. Slow Life is situated in Muizenberg, near Surfer's Corner, and it definitely feels like a place where you would go after surfing or relaxing at the beach - the atmosphere there is very relaxed  - which also means that you should not come in a hurry when eating there as they take their time preparing your food - it is worth the wait though, I honestly had the best pasta of my life at that place. Slow Life offers a great variety of homemade smoothies and milkshakes and other drinks and a small food menu of exquisite dishes. You will absolutely love this place if you are into healthy eating and if you like to try something different ( I had pasta with haloumi cheese, pine nuts and grilled vegetables and it was honestly the best thing I'd ever eaten). Slow Life is slightly more expensive than Rcaffé but it's still affordable and once you've tasted their food you won't mind paying a bit more.

3. Lekker

Situated in Kalk Bay, Lekker is a café that mainly offers breakfast and cake. If you want to enjoy a rich breakfast this is the place to go to - you can create your own meal by choosing from different side dishes like mushrooms, bacon, chips etc. What I love most about this place is that you can enjoy your food in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with a beautiful view over Kalk Bay Harbour - if you ever get the chance to visit Kalk Bay you should stop at Lekker to buy one of their milkshakes, they offer the best around Cape Town ( my favourite one is the Crème Brûlée Milshake). Lekker offers delicious food that isn't expensive at all and they offer such amazing meals that I could never decide what to get and I usually ended up ordering two different breakfasts at once (ups).

4. Lucky Garden

Lucky Garden is a Japanese Restaurant located in the heart of Observatory. The restaurant looks like any Japanese restaurant from the outside but once you've tried their food you will fall in love with this place. Lucky Garden offers sushi and traditional Asian dishes and they also got great vegetarian dishes if you don't like to eat meat. Moreover they give you the option to pay about 7 Euros and to eat from a buffet. All in all, this restaurant offers a huge range of delicious Asian meals and it's a great place to enjoy a relaxed evening near the centre of Cape Town. 

5. Vovo Telo

Still one of my favourite cafés in Cape Town. Vovo Telo is located in different cities and spots in South Africa, my favourite one to eat at is located at the Waterfront near the CBD of Cape Town. Vovo Telo is kept in a vintage design and the armchairs and the chandelier add a very poch touch the place. Vovo Telo is also ideal if you want to sit outside - you got a great view over the harbour. The café offers all kinds of food - from pasta and pizza to bruschetta and cheese cake. Vovo Telo is not exactly the cheapest place to eat at but it's a 100 % worth the money. If you want to read a full review on this café go to this link: http://113-things-to-say.blogspot.de/2014/11/vovo-telo.html

6. Markets

Last but not least, markets are great places if you want to try dishes from all over the world. My favourite markets are the Neighbourgood Market and the Hout Bay Market - both markets offer a huge range of different cuisines and food from basically every country - you can get everything from pizza, samosas to dolmadacias and Asian noodles. Often you can watch your food being made which makes the whole thing even more exciting - both markets also offer a variety of healthy and organic dishes, they are great places to eat at if you like vegetarian food (which doesn't mean that you can't get burgers or a hawaii pizza). If you don't like crowded places you have to make sure to come very early because these markets are always flooded with locals as well as tourists (the Neighboorgood Market is way more touristic than the Hout Bay Market though). 

I hope this has given you some inspiration. What are your favourite restaurants or cafés in Cape Town? Leave a comment below. x 



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