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My wardrobe essentials


I am a fashion enthusiast and I love buying new clothes ( good for me, bad for my wallet). But even though I enjoy trying new things I got some items in my wardrobe that I really can't do without and that are really worth investing in. My first item is a black leather jacket I got at Zara (it's faux leather of course) and it's one of my favourite pieces of clothing as it consists of a really comfortable material and as it's very easy to combine - you can combine it with tight jeans and a top and boots to create a casual but still interesting look or you can combine it with an elegant dress to make your classy look appear more edgy and less formal. My second item is a faux leather skirt I got a Bershka - I've worn that skirt probably about 200 times because I love it so much - it is a great alternative for a black cotton skater skirt because it has the same shape but looks more elegant and adds an interesting touch to your outfit.  
My third clothing item I believe everyone should own is a pair or great fitting jeans / tight black pants - even if you just combine them with a casual shirt you will look great. I also love to combine my black trousers with comfy jumpers ( I sometimes get them a few sizer bigger because I love an oversized look) or a crop top (with high-waisted trousers).  If you got a pair of jeans you love it makes it a lot easier to pick an outfit in the morning. Speaking of oversized clothes, another thing I love is my oversized jeans jacket I got at Topshop - just like a leather  jacket it can make a classy look appear a lot more laid back and edgy and I just think that you can't go wrong with denim. I sometimes combine an elegant evening outfit e.g. a black dress and boots with heels with my oversized jeans jacket - the perfect outfit for a relaxed evening with friends. My next clothing item I couldn't do without is my black hat which you might have seen in other blog posts - I got it from Topshop and it was a total bargain and I couldn't be happier that I've bought it. A hat looks great with feminine outfits and makes them look even posher and more elegant but it also looks amazing with a casual outfit - when you feel like your outfit is missing something then why not add a hat? Another plus is that you can wear it on bad hair days - so you don't have to look weird wearing a beanie when it's 25 degrees outside (not that something like summer actually exists in Germany). 
Moreover I think everyone should own skorts - these are so practical when you want to wear a skirt and look feminine but it's windy outside (having lived in Cape Town I know what I'm talking about haha). I got mine at River Island and I love to combine them with a plain black top and my leather jacket or a black sequin top - two really cool looks with two completely different effects. 
Last but not least I'll have to mention my bright blue blazer I got at Zara. As someone whose wardrobe mainly consists of black, white and grey clothes (whoops) this item definitely stands out in my wardrobe. I feel like a blue blazer is the best way to add a bit of colour to your outfit - and it still looks extremely elegant, classy and feminine. I usually combine my blue blazer with a black top and tight grey jeans (and if I'm feeling extra brave I'll add my hat).  

These are my wardrobe essentials - can you relate? I'd love to hear more about your clothing items you couldn't do without - leave a comment. x 




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