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Skin care - How to treat dry skin


Skin care might not be the most exciting thing but it's actually very important. Using the products that are right for your skin makes such a huge difference that it is really worth it to experiment and to find the products that improve your skin. Finding the right products isn't easy though, at least it wasn't for me. When I was younger I had problems with my skin and thus went to see a dermatologist who pretty much told me that there was nothing I could do and that my problems were caused by the dryness of my skin. My cosmetician recommended a high end cream for very dry skin which apparently helps lots of people but unfortunately it didn't do it for me. Telling her that it hadn't worked she said that I should just come in to get skin treatment every six weeks, mentioning that a lot of people did that. Needless to say I was disappointed because neither did I want to nor did I have the money to go to a cosmetician every few weeks. So I decided that there had to be another solution and I started to try a lot of different skin products hoping that they would help - and eventually I found some that helped me get good skin without having to see a cosmetician every few weeks. 

In my experience, finding the right moisturiser is essential. The two moisturisers that are perfect for my skin are the Hydra Match Cream by Garnier and the Hydrating Cream by Cetaphil, both of them have a rather thick texture and are extremely hydrating. The amazing thing is, that both creams are actually very affordable. The Hydra Match Cream is available at drugstores and only costs about 4 Euros. The Cetaphil Hydrating Cream costs about 26 Euros which seems expensive at first but it actually isn't because it will last you for months. This cream is also available at drugstores or at pharmacies, depending on where you live. Since I'm using these products my skin feels really fresh and hydrated and so does my skin after using makeup when I apply one of these moisturisers first. 
Another thing I like to use for hydrating my skin is a serum - I'm using a drugstore one from Balea right now - it is pretty cheap and it still makes my skin feel nice and refreshed. Moreover I like to use cleansing milk to clean my face as peelings are more aggressive and dry out my skin even further - I once asked a cosmetician about how often I should apply a peeling and she told me to only do it once a month especially because I had very dry skin. I followed her advice and was glad I did because it made my skin look a lot smoother. One thing I learnt about blemishes and outbreaks (related to the dryness of your skin!) is that it's best to apply a hydrating cream and leave them alone. When I was younger I used to apply a peeling or a cleansing gel and that usually made it worse. So even though it's really tempting to apply lots of different cleansing products I would much rather recommend using a cleansing milk and applying some hydrating cream or even just applying cream.
Last but not least, I can recommend using hydrating face masks. You can get them at every drugstore for less than a Euro and they can really help you on a day when your skin feels too dry and you want to give it some extra treatment. And I mean, who doesn't enjoy a bit of pampering?

I really hope that this is beneficial for some of you struggling with dry skin. It is really essential to find skin care that works for your skin. And if the products I mentioned aren't right for your skin, then keep looking and keep trying new products until you find the right thing for yourself. It really is worth the effort, trust me.

Which skin products are your favourites? Leave a comment below. x


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