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Things to do this summer

I actually can't believe that summer is about to begin - this spring has passed unbelievably fast and when I'm looking out of my window I feel like we're just skipping summer and heading straight to autumn this year. However, I'm really excited for summer this year, even though I'll be working most of the time. Summer is a great season and it offers lots of great things you can do with friends or just by yourself. I've created a list of things I'd love to do this summer, maybe this will give you some inspiration or just a really happy feeling when you're thinking about the upcoming season.

1. Go to events, even those that you normally wouldn't go to or that are out of your comfort zone, you might end up having an amazing time and meeting loads of new people. Why not go to a festival if you have never been to one? Or why not go to a blogger's event or try a yoga class or do a cooking course? The possibilities are endless.

2. Have a barbecue or a dinner party in your garden. Invite a few friends, dig out the grill and enjoy a great evening together. Something I love to do is preparing great desserts (my favourite one is probably strawberries covered in chocolate) and creating my own summer cocktail. Another must-do in summer: picnics. Either you organise one with your group of friends or you go to a picnic event where you can bring your own food and have a picnic with a huge group of people.

3. Get a new camera. Why not get yourself a polaroid camera, a lomo camera or simply a cheap underwater camera? Experimenting with photography is a lot of fun and bringing your polaroid  or lomo camera along is great for capturing moments you never want to forget. You could even start a diary in which you can write about your adventures and put the photos under the text. 

4. Explore a city. I'm not necessarily talking about vacation, I'm rather talking about exploring a city in your own country. Take a day trip to a place you haven't seen before and spend the day exploring it. You might be surprised about how beautiful your own country can be!

5. Redecorate your room. Small things can make such a huge change - get new candles, buy a new pillow, rearrange your makeup collection or put up a few pictures of you and your friends - take a  bit of string, clip your pictures to it using pegs and then put the whole thing on your wall (this looks especially cool if you're using polaroid pictures).

6. Go to a theme park. I know a lot of amazing theme parks but I have only been to a few in my life. This summer I'll definitely try and go to a theme park I haven't visited yet. Theme parks are the best way to distance yourself from the worries of life and even if you're just there for the food, it will be worth it.

7. Last but not least, read a book. Make a smoothie, grab a new book and spend a day reading in a deckchair in your garden. I have written a post about books to read in summer, you can check it out, the link is below.

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I hope this has given you some inspiration! What are your favourite things to do in summer? Leave a comment! x




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