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Top 3 | My favourite dark red lipsticks


My favourite thing to collect are definitely lipsticks, dark red lipsticks to be specific. They are amazing for a night out and a dramatic makeup look but I also like to wear them during the day as they look very elegant and classy. Moreover I like to wear them throughout the entire year because they go well with pretty much every outfit and style. It's not that easy to find a beautiful dark red lipstick though, they often look amazing on the shelf but when you try them out they disappoint you and suddenly appear rather pink or purple (doesn't everyone know this struggle). So I thought I might share my favourite dark red lipsticks with you, enjoy reading. x 

1. Mac - Diva

A beautiful dark red matte colour that has a purple undertone. I usually don't like pink or purple undertones but in the case of the Diva lipstick I'll have to make an exception - the colour looks beautiful on your lips, it is pretty dark and you don't have to apply much to make it look great - sometimes I just apply a bit of it and smudge it out so that I'll get a light red berrylike colour. The Diva Lipstick reminds me of 'Beguiled' by Topshop as this one also has a rich berry tone - Diva is a shade darker though. It is the perfect lipstick to use if you're going out as it won't smudge and creates a dramatic look on your lips - and it is long-lasting of course.

2. Annayake - 18 

Another beautiful matte dark red lipstick. When I was planning my outfit and my makeup for my upcoming prom I decided that I wanted a dark red lipstick that didn't have a purple or pink undertone because it would look better and more elegant with my dark blue and silver prom dress - it wasn't easy to find such a lipstick. I tested at least 20 other lipsticks all turning out as really purple on my lips before finally discovering this one which I then wore to prom - and I have to say, it was the perfect choice. Not only did it look very posh and elegant, it also lasted throughout the entire evening. So if you're searching for a lipstick to go with an elegant dress and you want to avoid berrylike colours this is the perfect choice for you.

3. Artdeco -  Perfect Colour Lipstick 13.29

This lipstick has a slightly purple undertone, but it's a lot more subtle than the one Diva has. Furthermore it is a few shades darker. I just love the colour and the way it looks on your lips - very dark and dramatic with only a hint of a berrylike tone. Of all three lipsticks, this one is the darkest  and should probably be your first choice if you're searching for a full and strong dark red that doesn't  look pink or purple on your lips. Moreover this is also the one that is the least expensive (it is only about 10 Euros). The only thing I can criticise is that it's not as long-lasting as the Mac and the Annayake lipstick. If you're wearing it on a night out you have to reapply it from time to time. Luckily, this lipstick is very easy to apply and the fact that it's very affordable makes up for it.

Which are your favourite dark red lipsticks? 
Leave a comment. x 



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