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10 things I've learnt about hosting a party

Don't we all know the struggle of hosting a party? It seems fun at first but then it gradually becomes more and more stressful until you feel like you desperately need a two weeks' vacation instead of a huge party (slight exaggeration). But in all seriousness, hosting a party is quite difficult, especially if you want to invite many people and if you want it to be a success (and wouldn't want that). I'm in no way an expert when it comes to hosting a party, but here are some things that I've learnt, enjoy reading. x 

1. Get a small location. Or a location that looks rather small considering the amount of people you're inviting. If a club or a room or whatever location you're celebrating in is too big, people will probably stand together in groups and won't dance much - if you get a smaller location you kind of force people to interact and they won't feel uncomfortable or lost in the room. 

2. The music has to be loud - and mixed up. Something that seriously impacts the atmosphere is the music. I like to mix it up so that there's something for everybody - I think remixes are usually the best option you can go for because people will know the songs and can sing along. It's also a great idea to mix chart music with slightly older music and alternative music so that it feels like you put some effort into your playlist. And very important: loud music (if it's a dance party). 

3. You have to make a decision - food or no food. When you're offering food you'll have to accept that most people will prefer to eat from the buffet instead of dancing - which is great if you want a relaxed party. I once set up a chocolate fountain at a party and people absolutely loved it (if you haven't got a chocolate fountain you're missing out!). But if you don't want people to eat instead of dance to your music than crisps, nachos and crackers are a great alternative. 

4. Prepare simple drinks. We once prepared cocktails for a party and it was quite a struggle because you have to get so many different ingredients and you will probably have a lot of leftovers. Instead of creating complicated cocktails you can add fresh ingredients into simple drinks for example a fresh mint leaf and an ice cube into a glass of Hugo. Saves time and money.

5. It has to be dark, very dark. I once went to a party where only half of the location was kept dark while the light was on in another room where you could get drinks and food - it was a fun party but the lightning had a bad impact on the overall atmosphere.

6. If you want people to dance avoid tables and seatings. Of course people need somewhere to sit if they are feeling tired but putting up too many tables and benches will people make avoid dancing. 

7. Invite too many people. Rather a location that is very crowded than an empty room. And you have to keep in mind that not everybody has time to come and that some people will accept your invitation but might decide not to show up at the last minute - it's better when you don't have to count on everyone you've invited. 

8. The outside area shouldn't be too huge. I've already been to parties where the guests spent the majority of their time standing outside smoking and the actual dance floor stayed pretty empty. You don't want the outside area to be too attractive (well, unless you're having a garden party obviously). 

9. Have a back up plan. It's great to have a few people who can pitch in if something goes wrong. When I celebrated my 18th birthday with a friend the barkeepers cancelled at the last minute and we didn't really have a plan b - luckily my neighbour filled in for them and saved the day, otherwise we would have had to spend the entire evening behind the bar making drinks - not the best way to celebrate your 18th birthday.

10. Last but not least, act responsibly. Don't invite any people who could cause a lot of drama or who would bring other people to crash the party. If you invite the right people then the party is very likely to be a great success and you will feel a lot more comfortable as a host.

- picture taken from studiodiy.com

I hope this has given you some ideas. What are your tips for a great party? Leave a comment. x




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