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5 simple yet very effective makeup tips

There are plenty of tricks and tips that can make applying makeup a whole lot easier. Honestly, I wish someone had told me these things when I was 13. But well, I guess you have to experiment with makeup and you just have to discover what works best for yourself. These are my 5 simple yet very effective makeup tricks, enjoy reading. x 

1. Always apply non-waterproof and waterproof mascara. This is a great trick if you want your makeup to be waterproof but still very easy to remove. Simply apply your non-waterproof mascara as you normally would and then put a layer of waterproof mascara over it - your mascara won't smudge and it won't wash off in the rain. But when you try and remove your makeup the waterproof mascara will stick to your non-waterproof mascara and this will make it extremely easy to remove. Another great thing is that the waterproof mascara does neither have to be expensive or especially good - as long as it's waterproof it will work.

2. Fill in your brows using eyeshadow. When I was younger I used to fill in my brows using an eyebrow pencil and that usually resulted in my brows looking really drawn on. Using eyeshadow instead will look a lot more natural and it's a great way to avoid any harsh lines, especially when you don't have much experience when it comes makeup. My favourite eyeshadows to use are Charcoal Brown and Brun by Mac. Moreover you don't have to buy eyeshadow to achieve a great eye makeup look - sometimes applying bronzer or highlighter on your lid will look just as great. 

3. Spray perfume on your hair or on your clothes instead of on your neck - that way it will smell more intense and the odour won't fade away that fast. 

4. Apply conditioner at the ends as well as the roots of your hair - this might not work for everyone but it definitely works for me as I got very thick hair that grows quite fast and doesn't tend to get greasy quickly (if this is not the case with your hair you should stick by putting conditioner only in the ends of your hair). I personally feel like applying conditioner near the roots makes my hair look a lot smoother and healthier and it also makes it a lot easier to brush through it.

5. Experiment with brushes. I used to go and buy a powder brush for applying powder, a bronzing brush to apply bronzer etc but sometimes using brushes for a different makeup product might work a lot better. I'm using the Bobbi Brown Sheer Powder brush for applying bronzer and it's served me better than any bronzing brush I've had before. Try to find the brush that makes it easiest to apply your makeup. 

- picture taken from sheknows.com

I hope these tips have helped you in some way. What are your makeup tricks? Leave a comment. x



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