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June Favourites


I haven't done a favourites post in ages (when I say ages I mean like two month) and I feel like it's time to share what I'm currently loving with you. So here are my Junes Favourites, enjoy reading. x 

1.  The 227 Luxe Soft Definer Brush by Zoeva

The first thing I've been loving this month is a Zoeva blending brush. It is really soft and blends eyeshadow very well - a great alternative if you are searching for a quality blending brush but don't want to spend your money on a Mac brush. The Zoeva one is a lot cheaper (about 6 Euros) and it blends eyeshadow almost as well as the Mac equivalent.

2. The Zoeva It's a mineral sheer Blush

Another product by Zoeva that I can definitely recommend. First of all I love the packaging of this product - it is super cute. Secondly I love the blush - the powder comes in a beautiful light pink shade and looks really fresh and natural on your cheeks. It is very easy to apply and you don't have to use much to achieve a beautiful makeup look. Another great thing is that this product is long-lasting and that you will still look very fresh and awake after a long day of work.

3. The Maybelline Super Stay Nailpolish ( Number 7)

The third product I've been loving this month is a drugstore nail polish by Maybelline. I love dark red nail polish (probably just as much as I love dark red lipstick) and I feel like it's not the easiest thing to find, though. A lot of dark red nail polishes look amazing on the shelf but once you apply them they turn out as purple or only light red. This nail polish looks exactly the same after applying it on your nails. It has a rich dark red colour with no pink or purple undertone and you only have to apply one layer to get a good coverage. This nail polish is not as long-lasting as for example Essie nail polish but it still has good quality and I will definitely repurchase it.

4. A Mojito Cocktail Candle

How amazing is that? Cocktail Candles are definitely the trend this summer. My friend got me the Mojito Cocktail Candle for my birthday and I absolutely love it - it has an intense yet fresh smell and when you light it you feel like you're at a cocktail party. Moreover I love the look of this candle as it's yellow with a layer of green at the top - the perfect colour for summer. 

 5. 'The One & Only' by Emily Griffin

A novel about true love, forbidden feelings and finding yourself. 'The One & Only' is about a thirty-three-year-old woman called Shea Rigsby who has spent her entire life in a small town in Texas, supporting the local football team and working at the local university where she had once graduated. Suddenly a tragedy occurs and Shea begins to question her life and makes decisions that force her to leave the safety and comfort of the small community she grew up in and that lead to a journey of self-discovery and to a confrontation with her darkest fears and desires. A book about challenging the beliefs of society, about human strength and weaknesses and about the importance of true feelings and passions. This novel will make you question your own life and will encourage you to follow your goals and dreams, even if they seem out of reach at first.

These are my monthly favourites - which products have you been loving in June?
Leave a comment. x




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