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Sightseeing at home | A trip to Cologne


Have your ever tried to see your hometown through the eyes of a tourist? Probably not. Over the last week I had a really good friend from the south of Germany staying at my place and we did a huge sightseeing tour visiting all the different cities and attractions in my area - it was pretty amazing to turn into a tourist for a week and to walk around taking pictures of the cities I thought I would know so well - on our day trips I discovered there was a lot more to them than I'd already known. One of my favourite trips was our trip to Cologne and Düsseldorf. I was really excited because I hadn't been there in a while and because these are two cities I love visiting.  
We took the train quite early in the morning (and when I say early I mean 10-ish) and went to Cologne first. First we took the stairs up to the top of the Cologne Cathedral (which is a great idea for an intense workout by the way) from where we had a stunning view over the city. Afterwards we went on a hop on hop off bus tour to see the different parts of the city ( I didn't even know all of them). After seeing at least 12 different churches we got off the bus to do some shopping - there were way too many tempting sales. We finished off the day by taking the train to Düsseldorf where we had dinner at a restaurant with a beautiful view over the sunset - the Rhein promenade is definitely the part I love most about Düsseldorf, there isn't a place more beautiful where you can enjoy a long evening walk or have a great chat over dinner with your friends.
I certainly had a really fun time exploring my area as a tourist - even if you think you've seen everything there is still something left to discover. Sometimes you don't have to travel far to find beauty and to find new inspiration. 

Have you ever been to Cologne and Düsseldorf? Leave a comment. x 




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