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Travelling to Germany on a budget


The best things in life come free. Apart from travelling. If travelling was free I would spend all time travelling around and you would probably never see me again. Unfortunately travelling is pretty much anything but free - but there are a lot of ways to save money. This post is for everyone who would like to visit Germany without spending too much money, enjoy reading. x 

1. Accommodation

If you want to save money then book a room at a hostel instead of a hotel. I have already stayed at plenty of different hostels in Germany and I've never had any bad experiences. You don't have to worry about low standards - rooms at hostels don't offer a great view or luxurious furniture but they are clean and the breakfast I've had at hostels was usually pretty good as well and sometimes even better than breakfast at a hotel (much to my surprise). You can book single or double rooms with private facilities or you can share a room with many others if you prefer the backpacker version and want to book an accommodation at the lowest price.

2. Transport

Travelling in Germany can be extremely expensive - especially if you just go to a train station and buy a ticket to your destination. Instead try to search for deals on the internet, there are always special offers available. If you prefer to go by train then buy a day ticket (Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket) that allows you to travel for only 44 Euros - and it gets even cheaper if you are travelling in a group. My main tip would be taking the bus, though, as this is the cheapest option of travelling around in Germany. Go to flixbus.com to find out about the best deals or download their app - you can basically travel across the country for only 10 Euros.

3. Food 

First of all, an obvious one: Avoid eating at airports and train stations (that are flooded by tourists) to avoid overpriced food at restaurants. Instead try to go to places that locals go to. Moreover eating out doesn't have to be expensive in Germany - we got plenty of amazing cafés that offer great food for only little money - my favourite ones are definitely Café Extrablatt and Scoozi, you can never go wrong with these two. You can also enjoy typical German food at an so called 'Imbiss' where you can try Chips and 'Currywurst', Potato Salad and other German specialities. If you love to go for a drink in the evening then search for the areas where students go for a night out - you can get amazing drinks that aren't pricey at all at these places. Always try to find out about special deals - Café Extrablatt has a so called 'Shaker Night' every Thursday where every cocktail can be bought for only 4 Euros.

4. Sightseeing 

The best things in Germany are usually free - and often there are great alternatives for pricey sights e.g. buildings that you can enter for free with an amazing view over a city. If you want to visit plenty of museums then you might do a hop-on-hop-off tour before that as they often give out leaflets with discounts for museums that are located on the way. Try to discover where the locals hang out and what they like to do on a day off - these things are often a lot more interesting than the typical tourist experiences. And another important thing: don't forget to bring your Student ID - art galleries and museums often offer discounts for students and you can save a lot of money that way.

5. Events 

This one is very simple: Go to Facebook and search for events near the cities you'd like to visit. This is the easiest version for finding interesting events/ concerts/ festivals and for keeping track of them (which can be very useful as sometimes events can be cancelled due to bad weather ... oh well, the advantages of living in Germany.) A lot of the events suggested on Facebook are free or at least not pricey and they are a great way of connecting with locals or with people from all over the world. Oh, and talking about events: don't ever lose the card you get at the entrance of a club, trust me, there are way better ways to spend money in Germany (like at fun fairs or at a street food market). 

( yep, 25 out of 36 trains are delayed, welcome to Germany haha ) 

These are my tips for any of you who would like to visit Germany. I hope this has helped you in some way. x 



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