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About Life | Feeling overwhelmed


Today I wanted to talk about something else. A few months ago I started to write blog posts about life-related topics (I will link these down below) and I felt really passionate about them as I believe that sharing your tips and your experiences might be very beneficial for anyone who is dealing with the same issues. So today I decided to do a post about a feeling that affects almost all of us and that is feeling overwhelmed. I think at least the majority of us know this feeling all too well: you are sitting there thinking about all you have to do and suddenly you feel like all the stress is dragging you down. I definitely know this feeling as I like to overthink problems and as I'm quite a perfectionist which does not really make it easier - however, there are a few things that I find really helpful for getting out of such a situation, I hope they might be helpful for you as well. x 

1. First of all, it is important to accept that you're feeling this way. Some people tend to feel stressed more often than others and that is perfectly okay - yes, it would be lovely never to experience stress ever again but that's just not how it works. However small a problem might seem to others it doesn't mean that it's not acceptable to feel stressed about it. We have all gone through different experiences in life and judge problems according to them. And therefore each of us deals with things in a completely different way and feels more or less affected by stress or current problems. 

2. What I like to do when I'm feeling stressed is writing a list. That sounds incredibly simple but it has proven to be the most effective for me. Writing all the things down that need to be done can make you see things a lot more clearly. Moreover you might realise that you have to do less than you initially expected.  List-making has a really calming effect on me as it makes me feel like I'm in control - I might have a lot to do but at least I know exactly what I have to do and when. Which leads me to the next point...

3. Get a calendar. Being organised is definitely the key to feeling less stressed and overwhelmed by things. It is really important to set a schedule as well as setting priorities. Think about what you really have to do and try to do these things first. I find it really helpful to take 'worst-case' scenarios into consideration as our mind sometimes tricks us into thinking that we have to do something as immediate as possible - think about what would happen if you did something a day or even a week later. What if I'm cleaning the house a day later? What if I'm sending my application a day later? (This obviously doesn't apply if there is a deadline). There are things that should not be rushed. And sometimes what seems bad at first might turn out to be a great opportunity. You might have to repeat a year at school but maybe you will meet your best friend that way, you never know. But well, what I wanted to say is that keeping a calendar is really helpful. It is important that you only write short to-do-lists, though, try to think of a limit. I usually try to cut it down to 3 things per day, that way I don't feel too stressed when looking at my list. It's also very important to set yourself a time limit. If you keep on doing work in the evening you won't have a chance to take your mind off, something that is very important.

4. Speaking about time for yourself, I am personally feeling most stressed when I'm doing nothing but crossing things off my to-do-list. This might be different for each one of us but I really need breaks and some things to look forward to in order to be productive. Having a productive day is so much easier when you know that you're finishing off your day by going out with your friends or by catching up on your favourite series. Another thing that is really helpful is going running or any other kind of sport. Or if you're feeling extremely overwhelmed going for a walk in the nature. Just go somewhere quiet, sit down and make the decision to fill the next 20 minutes with literally nothing. I think one of the reasons we might feel stressed is that we have forgotten how to be bored and how not to do anything. When I was little I often got bored when waiting for the bus or when having lunch - and now I'm using this time for checking my phone or for watching a video. Switching your phone off from time to time can definitely help you relax. We don't have to be available 24/7, it's okay to take a break.

5. Talk to somebody. Sometimes talking about your plans or the things you have to do makes them feel a lot less scary and a lot more manageable. Things often sound more stressful in our head than they actually are. And it's good to know that you're not the only experiencing this feeling - talking about it with others makes you realise that even the people who seem most laid back feel stressed out from time to time - and remember, it is okay to feel that way. The only thing you can do is try and face that stress and try to make yourself feel better. One step at a time.

I hope this post might have helped some of you. x
What are your tips for feeling less overwhelmed? Leave a comment below! x

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