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Get ready with me | A rushed morning

What is the first thing you do in the morning? Check your social media? Have a nice and long breakfast? In my case it's hitting the snooze button. I thought I might do a different kind of post today and share my morning routine with you - to be honest I usually don't have much time in the morning (whoever these people are who have time to have a bath in the morning or to do yoga, I'm jealous!), so this is how I get ready on a rushed morning, enjoy. x 

I get woken up by my SleepBot app - an app that knows when it's best to wake you up. That might sound weird but it's surprisingly helpful. You can enter a time frame of either 15 or 30 minutes in which you have to be woken up and this app tracks your sleeping motion and detects your lightest sleep-phase. I feel a lot more refreshed in the morning when using this app instead of my regular alarm clock. I know that you should then turn off your alarm and immediately get up but if I'm being honest I can never resist hitting the snooze button at least once. After finally waking up, I check my phone for any new messages. 

Next I have breakfast. I usually make myself a cup of tea - either a cup of tea with milk and sugar or a flavoured tea. Vanilla tea is currently one of my favourite teas - it simply tastes amazing! Other than that, I normally have cereal and fruits with almond milk for breakfast. Or from time to time a  slice of bread with Nutella - we can't always have a nutritious and healthy breakfast, right? 

After having breakfast I moisturise my face using the Garnier Hydra Match cream for dry skin. Then I take out my makeup products (and usually cause a chaos on my makeup table) and then turn on the radio on my laptop - I love listening to either BBC Radio 1 or a German radio station called 1live in the morning - I don't think I would fully wake up if not listening to the radio! While letting the moisturiser sink into my skin, I quickly check my social media. 

Now it's time for my makeup routine. If I'm in a rush I don't apply that much makeup - I normally just use my Smashbox Primer, my Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, the Collection 2000 Concealer as well as
my Chanel Powder and my Makeup Forever Setting Powder. I'm finishing my foundation routine by adding some of my Zoeva blusher to look a bit more awake. If you'd like to read more about my foundation routine, then you can click this link: http://113-things-to-say.blogspot.de/2015/04/my-foundation-routine.html I personally don't apply much eye makeup when I'm going to work - therefore I just used my Volume Express Mascara by Maybelline and a bit of the colour 'Naked' from my Naked Palette. Having done my eye makeup it's time to do my eyebrows - I like them to look quite natural so I use the Mac Eyeshadow in the colour 'Brun' and apply only very little of it. Last but not least I choose a lipstick - on a rushed morning I usually go for nude lipsticks (as I find it hard to apply lipstick properly when in a hurry). This morning I've decided to use a nude lipstick with a slightly red undertone that I got from Kiko.

Having finally done my makeup, I move over to doing my hair. I usually straighten it or curl it and then either leave it like that or do a quick and easy hairstyle like you can see in the picture. Finally I'm getting out of my comfy clothes and decide what to wear for the day.

 This time I went for a vintage looking blouse I got at Urban Outfitters, some tight black pants from Zara, my boots from Aldo and last but not least, a black satchel which I also got from Urban Outfitters. When I don't have much time to think about accessories, I usually just go for a golden bracelet from Topshop and some golden earrings from Forever 21 as these look good with almost every outfit. Then finally I'm ready to head out. Well, actually I should do my bed before leaving the house, but let's be honest, who really has time for that in the morning? So I normally just grab my phone, wallet and keys and then head out to start my day.  (Or I run back in because I have forgotten something.)

This was my Rushed Morning Routine. What do you do in the morning?
I would love to hear about your morning routine. Leave a comment. x




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