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Naked Palette Summer Makeup


As summer is coming to an end I've really been loving a golden eye makeup. I feel like this look is perfect for summer as well as for autumn and it just looks beautiful with either a nude lipstick or a light red one - you might even combine it with a dark red lipstick if you'd like to achieve a more dramatic look for a night out. I really like a golden and shimmery eye makeup that consists of various different shades - just like the look I'm wearing. Let's be very metaphorical for a moment ( I know, you're probably still on your summer break, sorry!) and say that the transition between the two different shades stands for the transition between summer and autumn. (metaphorical moment over). If you want to know how I've achieved this look then you can read that below, it's super simple - all you need is your Naked Palette and a mascara. 

First I'm using an eye primer to make sure that the eyeshadow won't disappear after wearing it for a few hours. I can really recommend the Urban Decay Eye Primer but honestly you can use a drugstore product as well - I am actually really happy with the Essence Eye Primer, it is very cheap but it won't disappoint you. Secondly, I'm applying the colour 'Naked' all over my lid before using the colour 'Half Baked' on the lower part of my lid. After doing so I'm taking my Urban Decay eyeshadow brush to apply the colour 'Smog' on the upper part of my lid and I then blend it slightly so that you can't see any harsh lines. Last but not least, I use the colour 'Buck' in the crease of my eyelid and then blend it using my Mac 217 Blending Brush. If you want to add even more to your look, you might use a black eyeliner ( I would probably do that when going out) or you might add a bit of the shade 'Half Baked' under your waterline for an even more shimmery eye makeup. I'm then finishing off my look by using the Rocket Volume Express Mascara by Maybelline as it creates really long and beautiful lashes and doesn't smudge.

This is pretty much all you have to do if you want to recreate this look, I hope you like it! x 
If you want to see how I did the rest of my makeup or read a review on the Naked Palette, then click the links below! 

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What is your favourite eye makeup look for summer/ autumn? Leave a comment below. x 



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