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To buy or not to buy | Rituals TAO Collection


I feel like one of Rituals most popular collections is the 'TAO Collection', a collection based on an ancient Chinese formula. I have always been a fan of Rituals products and was very excited when I got some of the products from the TAO range as a present and finally had the chance to try them out! I am currently having a very busy (& hopefully productive) week so I thought I would just upload a quick review on this collection for any of you who are thinking about getting a product from this range and who are wondering if this collection is worth the hype - enjoy reading. x 

The TAO Collection is based on 'Tao', an ancient Chinese philosophy about creating the perfect balance between Yin and Yang. In that theory Yin stands for our inner self in contrast to Yang, which symbolises outer influences. Therefore we are meant to calm our mind by treating ourselves to a pamper session - with the products of this range of course. All of the products contain a mix of organic white lotus & Chinese mint are meant to have a very relaxing effect. Firstly, I have tried two shower gels (both called T'ai Chi) - the new version (which I have a sample of) as well as the older version of this range. Both products smell absolutely fresh and amazing. You definitely have to like strong smells in order to like this range as the smell is quite intense - when I use these products the entire room starts smelling like lotus & mint (not that I would ever complain about that). When I used these shower gels they indeed made me feel a lot more relaxed and calm and they both left my skin feeling very soft.  What I loved most about them was the texture as it is really foamy and gives you the feeling of doing a spa treatment. The only difference between the two shower gels I tried is that the older version still contains green tea which makes it smell a bit fresher and a bit less intense - it's hard to say which smell I prefer, I honestly can't say. Both shower gels cost 8 Euros which is quite pricey for a product of this kind but not too expensive to invest your money in especially as it has great quality and as it will last for a while. 
Next, I've tried the 'MEI DAO' body cream which actually smells the same as the new version of the shower gel 'T'ai Chi' - intense, minty, fresh and rich. Just like the shower gel this product has a calming effect and can change a whole room into a Chinese spa. I really love the quality of this body cream - its texture is neither too thin nor too thick, it feels amazing when applying it on your skin and  it will make your skin feeling very soft and nourished. Moreover it isn't one of these body creams that you won't smell on your skin after 3 minutes - instead the smell will last for hours. The only thing I can criticise about this cream is the price as I really have to think twice before investing 16 Euros into a cream - there are some drugstore body creams that have an equal effect on your skin and that are a lot less expensive. However, I have to admit that this body cream is one of the best smelling creams I have ever tried and as body creams are products that you don't have to repurchase that often I would say that this product is still worth the money. 

Conclusion - amazing products with great quality that are rather pricey but worth investing in. 

Have you ever tried products from a Rituals collection? Would you recommend them?
Leave a comment below. x 




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