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Goodbye Summer!


This year was definitely the year for everybody who loves summer. I don't think we have ever had such a long and warm summer, at least not for the last 10 years. It honestly got to a point where I felt like I wasn't even living in Central Europe anymore. I am usually not a fan of the heat but I really enjoyed it this summer because it gave me the chance to go to lots of events and to spend a lot of time in my garden enjoying the sunset which really helped me over a summer that mainly consisted of working. Even though I did not really go travelling this summer I had a great time and did a lot of things that were really important to me - such as seeing one of my close friends who is living pretty far from my place. Other than that, I visited my relatives, did a holiday job in Frankfurt, went to more than one food festival ( because honestly, I could go to one every day), went sightseeing in my hometown and went on a short trip to the Baltic Sea which was really relaxing and helped me clear my head. One of the best things I did this summer was my internship at the office of the local newspaper - internships are an amazing opportunity to find out what you want to do in life and what you're good at. Moreover I got to meet some really interesting and inspiring people. 

Even though we had a beautiful summer I couldn't be happier that autumn has finally begun as it is by far my favourite season of the year. There is so much that I'm excited for - wearing cardigans & thick jackets, cosy nights in and drinking hot chocolate, lighting my favourite candles and taking long walks through the nature. I think it's probably autumn fashion I'm most excited for - I love combining different layers and I love wearing scarves and beanies - and let's be honest, wearing a beanie saves a lot of time in the mornings (no bad hair days anymore!). Speaking of mornings, there is no better feeling than drinking a hot cup of tea in bed after waking up on a cold autumn day. 

What do you love most about autumn? x

I hope you enjoyed this little collage.

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I hope you all had an amazing summer and you are enjoying the beginning of autumn! x




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