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To buy or not to buy | Chocolate Nudes Palette by Catrice


I recently went to my local drugstore and I actually intended to only buy the products I really needed (shampoo, wet wipes, conditioner...) but I think we all know how these things end. Anyway, when I saw this eyeshadow palette I simply couldn't resist trying it especially because I love brown and shimmery eyeshadows and because this palette looks perfect for autumn. I wasn't too sure about the quality about the eyeshadows, though, because the palette was only about 5 Euros.  Here is a review about it, enjoy reading. x 

First of all, I really like the packaging of this palette - it is kept in a very simple style and it is very light and perfect for putting it in your handbag. The palette also comes with a tiny little brush which is great if you're going out and don't want to bring your regular eyeshadow brush. I wouldn't use this brush for applying my eyeshadow but it's definitely okay for readjusting your makeup. 
Now to the colours of this palette - despite my doubts the eyeshadows have really good pigmentation and thus great quality. I have to admit that the pigmentation of the brown / bronze shades is better than the pigmentation of the two lighter shades. I don't really mind, though, as I mainly bought this palette because I loved the chocolate shades, especially the two shades on the right and I already got some light eyeshadows that have the exact same colour anyway. Trying out the brown eyeshadows and the shimmery eyeshadow of the Chocolate Nudes Palette I was very happy with the results as these colours look beautiful together and they are long-lasting and don't smudge. I personally love using the chocolaty shade (the one on the right) for the crease of my eye and I sometimes put a bit of it under my waterline if I want to achieve a more dramatic eye makeup look. I really like that you can use this palette for pretty much any occasion - you can use it to create a very subtle look or a really shimmery and glamorous look for a night out. I personally love the combination of the colours because they - like I have already mentioned - are perfect for an autumn makeup look, especially combined with a dark red lipstick. 
This product is also very good for people who aren't quite sure how to achieve a gorgeous look using this palette because instructions can be find on the back. 

A beautiful palette with good quality that only costs 5 Euros - if you like chocolaty colours for your eye makeup then you should definitely try this product! 

Have you tried this palette? What did you think about it? 
Leave a comment below. x 

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