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Harvest Moon Fashion Show


Last Friday we spontaneously decided to go to a Fashion Show that was organised by a store in town called 'Boho'. As you can probably guess from the name Boho is all about embracing the Bohemian way of life and I personally was impressed by their variety of clothes. The Fashion Show was held just in front of their store and the place was decorated with golden balloons and you could get free drinks - if you know Napa you know that drinks mean wine -, popcorn and little sparklers. You also had the opportunity to buy accessories, children books and they even brought a fortune teller to the event which was a lot of fun. The best thing about the fashion show was that it was a fundraising event - all the proceeds went to support local fire victim communities and a Family Center. But let's talk about the actual Fashion Show. First of all, I was really impressed by their clothes. If you have seen any of my outfit posts you probably know that I usually don't go for a bohemian style - nevertheless I loved their clothes. And the variety of clothes they were showing - anything from a little black dress to a very bohemian looking jumpsuit. One of the models was wearing a black and white dress ( that you can see in the pictures down below -I had to take pictures with my phone, please excuse the quality-) and I instantly fell in love with it, it was my favourite piece of their fall collection. But what I enjoyed most about this evening wasn't even the fashion, it was the women who were presenting the clothes. And the diversity amongst them. Some of the models were quite young, others were slightly older and some of the women were mothers already, some women were pretty thin, others were more curvy - and all of them looked fabulous in their clothes. And that's what fashion should be about - about making us all feel equally beautiful, no matter what age, height, skin tone or body shape. I know that this is one of the most discussed subjects in the fashion industry - models and stereotypes. And I think that this topic completely deserves the attention - it is time for a change. Clothes are for everyone. And when looking at runway models this message often doesn't get across. Runway models can have a strong impact on society, they set certain standards and and these standards often leave young girls feeling insecure about their own bodies. I think it is time to break these standards. And I'm not talking about replacing all the 'thin' models (thin, not unhealthy!), I'm talking about creating diversity - about creating a fashion show like the Harvest Moon Show in Napa. Because if we allow all kind of women represent clothes, then this might loosen the standards set by society and it will prove that all women are beautiful, no matter what. I feel like plus size models are a huge topic right now, but another topic worth focusing on is height. Do models have to be 5'11''? I personally don't think so. In my opinion, height doesn't determine beauty. So what I would love is every fashion show to be like the one I saw on Friday - women of all kind presenting clothes. Everyone is beautiful and that should be acknowledged and represented by the fashion industry. 

How do you feel about runway models and stereotypes? Leave a comment below! x 



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