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My Makeup Evolution ( and why I'm most excited about December)


Do you ever wonder about how you developed your passion for makeup? A few days ago I was looking at old pictures of myself and I noticed how my makeup looks have changed over the years and it honestly got me wondering where it had all started. I think it all began when a lipgloss came with a magazine I bought - and for a while all that I would ever put on was lipgloss - which is definitely the shortest makeup routine I've ever had. After a while things started to change - I saw other girls in my class wearing makeup and I was curious to try it out myself. So I went into the bathroom and stole my mum's mascara and I really liked its effect - so I went to a local drugstore and bought my own makeup. Even to this day I remember that it was a mascara and a concealer from Alverde, a drugstore makeup brand consisting of natural cosmetics. And then the fun started. I began experimenting with makeup, trying out other brands, buying makeup brushes and my makeup collection grew quickly. Even though I only applied minimal makeup everyday. Well, until I went to England - that's where I became really passionate about makeup. And when I'm looking at pictures from that time, I can't help but cringe - my foundation did certainly not match my skin tone and I was very guilty of over-plucking my eyebrows - what was I even thinking? Well, luckily they grew back. I remember being fairly confident about my makeup routine - even though I often left the house with my makeup looking dried out ... or worse, orange haha. Didn't we all go through a time like this? After going back home, my eyebrow skills got a bit better - and I got into eyebrow pencils (which I wouldn't necessarily recommend for filling in your eyebrows) and luckily, I found a foundation that looked decent on my skin. But how did I get into high end makeup? It all started with MAC I believe - I had never used any high end makeup but then Christmas rolled around and I went shopping with my mum and I told her that MAC products were on top of my Christmas wish list - so went to Douglas (which is a store selling high end makeup) and I got a foundation, a powder and a primer and I started to feel like an expert on makeup (I'm still very far from being one). Looking back I was quite excited about makeup but I wasn't passionate about it - yet. The exact moment I fell in love with makeup happened at Sephora. Before visiting New York City, I watched plenty of YouTube videos and a lot of them were about makeup - so I made a list of things that I wanted and dragged my poor mother to Sephora. And the moment I entered the store I knew that there was no going back - my makeup obsession had begun. So yes, I still blame Sephora for my passion for makeup and for spending too much money on it. On the other hand it would have happened anyway - it was only a matter of time. Experimenting with makeup is a lot of fun, it is interesting how much of a difference you can create by using the right products. To me, looking natural is still key. I love enhancing my features but I still want to look like myself and I only apply a full face of makeup on the weekends - because honestly, if it's between having a long breakfast and applying makeup, I would go for breakfast any time. But that doesn't change the fact that I'm passionate about makeup and trying out different products - just like fashion, makeup can make us feel beautiful and confident and that's great - as long as we keep in mind that makeup is an option, not a necessity.

I hope you enjoyed this little story from my life. As you're reading this I'm currently travelling and I think I even did an okay job prewriting and scheduling my blog posts this time. I am most excited about blogging next month - firstly because December is my favourite month for blogging and secondly, because I got some really exciting posts planned. I will be doing a Christmas series that will be continued every Sunday of Advent and I'm currently doing a round trip through California so there will definitely be some posts about that, too! And then there might be another thing I'm quite excited about... well, anyway, what I wanted to say is - I can't wait for December to come around. It is my favourite month of the year and I can't wait to read all of your Christmas posts! 

How did you get into makeup? Leave a comment below. x 


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