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Christmas Countdown | Personal & Self-Made Christmas Presents


December has finally started and I hope you're all getting very excited for Christmas. One of my favourite things about this time of the year is Christmas shopping. All of the malls look really festive and even though it gets very crowded I still love spending hours searching for presents for my friends and family - I especially love spending time at Christmas markets, they are the perfect place for finding personal presents (you probably all know that I'm a huge fan of that). The only downside to all of that is - and that especially concerns everyone with a large family - that Christmas shopping can be pretty expensive, especially if we want to buy presents for all of our friends and family. But there is a way to avoid being broke by the middle of December - simply make the presents yourself. I thought it might be a great idea to share my favourite ideas for personal & self-made Christmas presents with you, enjoy reading. x

1. Christmas Tree Decoration

A really creative and affordable present - my favourite way to make personal Christmas presents is to buy some baubles and write either a really good quote on them, a memory that represents your friendship or simply the name of your friend. If you don't want to use baubles you can use cardboard to make ornaments - you could cut out some stars or even make a little book that tells the story of your friendship, there is no limit to your creativity. And the best thing is that your present might make it onto next year's Christmas tree!

2. Christmas Cookies

Why not give your friends some self-made Christmas biscuits. Just like the baubles, you can personalise them and write your friend's name on them or simply go for a shape they really like - you could cut out different things from horses to dogs or hearts. I seriously don't know anyone who doesn't love Christmas biscuits. And you could put the biscuits in a jar and decorate it nicely, which leads me to...

3. Christmas Candle

In second grade we all made the same Christmas present for our parents - what we did was cut out some stars and stuck them to the outside of a jar that we would paint blue. We would then put some sand into the jar and put a tea light on top of it - a very simple yet amazing idea that definitely isn't only for second graders! And if you don't want to paint the glass, you could take a candle and use some wax for writing your friend's name or for otherwise decorating the jar.

4. 24 Wishes

This is probably the most personal present of all - and the cheapest one as well, it literally doesn't cost anything, all you need is a pen and some paper. Write down 24 wishes for you friend or alternatively, 24 memories / things you have in common - it is a bit like an advent calendar, but you get to open all the little doors at once. I think it's the perfect Christmas present as it is a great way of showing your friends how much you care and of taking a moment to thank them for the friendship.

5. A Christmas Story

Last but not least - well, it's actually my favourite one - a Christmas story. If you're feeling creative and got a lot of time you might write your own Christmas story for your friend's and family. Or your own Christmas poem, depending on what you prefer. Christmas stories are my favourite as they are all about humanity and helping each other and if someone wrote me a Christmas story, possibly even one that involved me, it would honestly make my year.

I really hope this has given you some inspiration! What are your ideas for self-made Christmas presents?x



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