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Yosemite | Walking in a Winter Wonderland


As you might know I recently spent some time in California and one of the things I got to do was visiting Yosemite and as you can probably guess, I was not disappointed. In fact, this day trip was absolutely worth the long drive from San Francisco because the views were simply incredible. I went in the beginning of December and after spending a few days in SoCal I was more than happy to see some snow. Some hikes were closed due to the weather but we still got to see a lot and had the chance to spend 3 hours in Yosemite village - I wish I could have stayed there for the night! My favourite thing about Yosemite were the icy lakes & the amount of waterfalls, just compare those to the pictures of the McWay Falls I posted a few days ago, the difference between NorCal and SoCal always fascinates me. I have seen a lot of Yosemite posts recently & bloggers talking about what they wore for the occasion. Well to be honest, I wore my thickest Christmas jumper from Forever 21 and a beanie from Urban Outfitters because after visiting the Grand Canyon I expected Yosemite Park to be freezing cold. It actually wasn't, even though a lot of areas were covered by snow. It made the whole experience even more surreal. Anyway, if you ever have the opportunity to visit Yosemite, do it, that's all I can say!

I hope you're all having a great day! x 




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