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20 things to do on a rainy Sunday

I hope you're having a good month so far. I would gladly skip straight to March if I had a choice. January and February might come with some good things (a fresh start, time to evaluate and reorganise) but I clearly prefer spring over winter (well, apart from December, of course.) January usually comes with a lot of rain, grey skies and freezing temperatures and it makes we want to escape to the south again and just completely skip this season. Today it's Sunday which means that there isn't a lot to do as all the shops are closed and as it's too cold to spend the day outside (even though the sun has just come out, much to my surprise). The first I did this morning was making a cup of white tea, grabbing my favourite book and spending an hour in bed, reading and catching up on some blog posts. I love having a relaxed Sunday morning, it is the perfect way to end the week in my opinion. When I was lying in bed I started thinking about my New Year's resolutions and one of them was seizing the day and making the most out of life so I thought that I should turn this day into at least a semi-productive one. I tried to create a list of creative things to do one a rainy day (because yes, I could happily spend all day in bed watching Netflix and reading books). A few of these things actually include making more lists but I couldn't resist, I just love making lists and plans. Oh and I even managed to sneak a Christmas-related thing in there, sorry not sorry. Well I hope my list will give you some inspiration, have a lovely Sunday! x

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Redecorate your room
Download an ebook in a foreign language (one that you know, obviously)
Make a mug cake
Put together outfits for a Lookbook
Write a letter to a friend
Write a travel bucket list & get itchy feet
Call your grandparents
Make yourself a cup of tea & brainstorm blogging ideas
Discover new blogs
Write a poem
Create an album of happy memories
Broaden your knowledge
Create the perfect hot chocolate
Create a new playlist on Spotify
Organise your makeup collection
Look up places in your area that you want to explore
Print out some of your favourite photos and create a collage
Make breakfast for your family (pancakes, a lot of them.)
Make a list of all the things you've accomplished during the week
Create an advent calendar for your mother (you can thank yourself in November)

What do you like to do on a rainy Sunday? Leave a comment below. x


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