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33 things that make me happy

I hope you all had a great week! Mine wasn't too exciting but I managed to get a lot done. And I was actually really excited for today's post because my friend me met up to take pictures. When I woke up on Saturday though I quickly realised that it wasn't going to happen, it was raining cats and dogs. So instead we opted for a relaxed afternoon at her place & went to a cafĂ© in town for dinner. The food was as amazing as always although I was a bit bummed that we couldn't take pictures for my blog. Well, we'll definitely try again soon. This day has somehow gone by without me noticing, where has all the time gone? I had a productive morning, had some pancakes with maple syrup, dyed my hair a nuance darker (because I'm wild like that), went for a run and spent the rest of the day doing nothing. Great. I think it's just the time of the year that makes you want to sleep for an eternity. As I didn't really have any other posts planned I decided that I was in need of a 'happy' post, something to motivate me to start the coming week (don't we all love Mondays?). That's why I decided to create a list of things that make daily life just that tiny bit better. So here are 33 random things that make me really happy, enjoy reading. x 

1. Having a stack of pancakes for breakfast. And my favourite pancake recipe!
2. Taking Polaroid pictures
3. Going for a long walk at the beach 
4. White tea. And vanilla tea. Basically all the tea that has ever existed. 
5. Looking at pictures of my favourite family holidays
6. Going on a spontaneous road trip with my friend
7. Feeling proud after a very long workout
8. Opening the window in the morning and breathing in the fresh air
9. Autocorrect. I accidentally didn't spell a single word correctly writing number 8
10. Having a kids movies marathon on Netflix
11. Reading comments under my blog posts - you guys make me really happy!
12. Experimenting with my hair colour (well, I'm not that adventurous haha)
13. The feeling you get when you press 'Publish' on blogger
14. Receiving a really nice text in the morning 
15. Stargazing 
16. Spaghetti Siciliano - with hazelnuts!
17. The moment your food delivery finally arrives
18. Trying a new eye makeup look
19. Rituals - I think that speaks for itself!
20. Suddenly hearing you favourite song on the radio.
21. Skyping with friends I haven't seen in a while 
22. Treating myself to a Starbucks Hot Chocolate
23. Mango Jumpers
24. Unexpectedly finding a parking spot
25. Discovering a new artist 
26. Cute stationary
27. Falling asleep while it's raining outside
28. Receiving a post card (I'm now feeling guilty that I haven't sent one in ages)
29. Blogger Chats (unless I can't keep up haha)
30. Diversity
31. Wearing hats & expressing myself through fashion
32. Identifying with a character in a book
33. Fresh flowers

There we go, these are the things that make life a lot better in my opinion. Number 13 is going to happen in 3,2,...

What are the things that make you happy?x




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