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Sunset in Santa Monica


When I was visiting Los Angeles in the end of November it was still really hot outside and I decided to spend a whole day at the beach to make the most of the remains of summer. So I took the bus from Hollywood to Venice Beach - what had looked pretty close on the map turned out to be a 60 minutes drive - and finally arrived at the seaside. I had heard a lot about Venice Beach but I had never expected it to be that beautiful, it looked like a scenery straight out of a catalogue. The beach was pretty empty that day - oh the perks of off-season travel - and I decided to take a long walk along the water. After spending some days in the city I really enjoyed the peace & quiet. Later on I went to explore the shops along the boardwalk, got a massage & some fries (with tons of ketchup of course) and sat in the sand happily eating my fries & reading my favourite book - basically living the American Dream. When the sun began to set I decided to pay Santa Monica a visit. I had originally wanted to take the bus but it was such a beautiful day that I decided to walk. It wasn't shortest walk but the scenery was so beautiful that it was worth every minute.

Walking along the sea I felt more relaxed and liberated than ever and I thought that it couldn't possibly get any more beautiful (I was wrong). If you love sports and good weather, Santa Monica is your place. There is a beach called Muscle Beach and it has that name for a reason - never have I ever seen so many people working out, going for a run or riding their bikes along the beach, it was insane. And it made me feel a bit guilty after having just eaten my fries haha. Anyway I decided to check out the pier because that's what Santa Monica is famous for. The pier was pretty interesting, there was an indoor merry-go-round, a ferris wheel and plenty of shops - and a stunning view over the sunset! While I was standing on the pier taking pictures of the setting sun I suddenly saw a little sea lion relaxing on a boat. At first I thought it was just decoration - until it moved! Finding the sea lion enjoying the last rays of sunlight was almost magical. And if you ask me, this is what I enjoy most about travelling. Yes, I love going sightseeing, I love having a nice view over a city, but in the end it's the special moments that make an extraordinary experience. The moments in which you know you're truly alive. The moments you will always remember. And in the end we can have those moments everywhere, we just have keep our eyes open and allow them to happen.

When did you experience a magical moment? Leave a comment. x


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