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Winter Favourites


Time for another favourites post! I love talking about my Winter Favourites because it's such a great season full of love, cosiness and of course, festiveness - isn't it sad that Christmas is already over? Even though I am really happy about the beginning of the year and a fresh start, I miss everything that comes with the festive season, especially getting to spend a lot of time with my friends & family. I am one of these people, who wouldn't mind celebrating Christmas twice a year (but if you're following my blog, you know this already.) Anyway, I thought I would share the products that I've been loving this season with you, enjoy reading. x 

1. Black Oudh & Holy Basil Candles from Rituals

When I came home for Christmas, I found a tiny box waiting on my desk and inside were these little candles and I got pretty excited because Rituals and candles are two of my favourite things. And even better, the candles were black and white and they therefore fitted perfectly into my room ( I just don't like colours, sorry.) I love the scent of these candles, they both smell very fresh, especially the white one and together they create a perfect scent. I am not good at describing scents, so better go into Rituals and have a sniff.

 2. Tao Yin Body Mist

Another Rituals products. I got this body mist for Christmas and if you have been following my blog you know that Tao is one of my favourite scents from Rituals - so needless to say, I was very happy to receive this as a present. I've described the Tao series in another blog post if you want to know more, the products smell amazing, like a mix of mint and fresh Lotus and they are meant to be calming (which is definitely what I need.) 

3. Sephora Lip Brush

I have never had a good lip brush so when I came across this one at Sephora I decided to try it out, especially because it was only 10 Dollars and because it didn't look like my other lip brushes. You can probably guess that I wasn't disappointed. This lip brush really helps me to apply lipstick (which I'm not good at) and it also great for putting it into your handbag as it is retractable and comes with a lid. So all in all, 10 Dollars well spent.

4. Topshop Lipstick 'Hazard'

I've been using this lipstick pretty much every day for the last month. I normally don't wear bright red lipstick but I have fallen in love with it this winter as it is perfect for the festive season in my opinion.  I love Topshop lipsticks in general, they have great quality, intense colours and are affordable as well. This lipstick comes in a beautiful bright red and it is amazingly long-lasting - I only have to reapply it every few hours. 

5. Q &A book

Another thing I got for Christmas is the book which gives you the opportunity to answer a question each day over the period of 5 years. I love the idea of answering the same question on the same day each year and seeing how your answers change over time - it perfect for everyone who loves documenting his/her life and it is a bit like keeping a diary, only that it takes less time. And it comes with an excellent quote on the first page: "They always say time changes things but you actually have to change them yourself.' (Andy Warhol). I could't agree with this more.

6. Polar Bear Christmas socks

I saw these socks at Topshop and I could't resist. And yes, I know that Christmas is over but honestly, it is perfectly acceptable to wear them throughout the entire year in my opinion. Or at least until the end of February. I just think that these are the cutest Christmas socks I have ever seen and I also think that chances might be good that they're on sale now (so grab your pair before it's too late haha).

What have you been loving this month? Leave a comment. x


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