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5 ways to personalise your bedroom

Let's talk about my bedroom.

Since I was little I have loved decorating my bedroom. Back then I used to decorate it with paintings I had done at school (don't imagine something fancy, I was really bad at arts), photos of me and my friends & about 1000 posters of horses, let's not forget about that. Even when I was young I would constantly moved my furniture and redecorate - not much has changed since then. I still love changing the look of my bedroom, adding new bits and pieces and trying to make it as personal as possible. Bedrooms tell you a lot about a person. If you enter a bedroom, you enter the world of another person. My room gives away a lot about me - my love for fashion, writing, music, tea, travelling & photography for example. There are countless pictures of places I love, people who I wouldn't trade for anything in the world, candles (too many to light them at the same time!), cushions that secretly tell a story, books and childhood memories. People who come over for the first time usually say that my bedroom really reflects the person I am. They look around and go 'Your room is so...you!' And I think that is the best description. My room is my cosy place, where I can fully be myself. It isn't always tidy and by no means perfect but neither am I - and imperfection makes life more interesting, right? I thought it would be fun to give you a glimpse into my room and tell you how I personalised it & made it my special place. Enjoy reading. x

1. Passepartout Wall

 As you all know, one of my passions is travelling and I really wanted to integrate that part into my bedroom, I just didn't know how. One day I came across a passepartout wall in a museum (I wish I remembered which one) and I instantly knew that I wanted one myself. So I went ahead and got some shots of my favourite places developed, including Edinburgh, London (surprise, surprise), Paris and Mallorca. I have had these pictures up for a very long time although I have been adding a few new places like NYC and Cape Town since then. That's the best thing about it - you can start small and let the passepartout collection grow, just like you grow from all the experiences & memories you are making. 

2. Polaroid Chain

This idea is quite similar, although it is less about my favourite places and more about my favourite people and moments in life. And the best thing is that it doesn't cost anything. Well, if you already got the Polaroid pictures of course. If you don't have a Polaroid camera, you can also use normal pictures, or Lomography pictures, or even instagram pictures. There is not limit to your creativity. All you need is a ribbon and a few clothes pegs.

3. Biscuit Tins

I got these gorgeous biscuit tins for Christmas and I though I would include them in this post. If you ask me, tins & candles make the best decoration. And if the tin comes with biscuits, that's even better, right? I would say that you could offer your guests a treat, but they are honestly to delicious to give away. If you have finished your biscuits you could also open the lid and put some flowers into the tins, that would be perfect for the upcoming season. I got plenty of tins and boxes in my room, even one that is cake shaped - yep, you heard correctly. Just looking at it makes me hungry.

4. Lamp

I recently got a new lamp for my nightstand and it's currently my favourite piece of decoration in my bedroom. The best thing about it is that you can 'build' the lamp yourself, choosing from different patterns & sizes. It is a bit like Build a Bear, but with a lamp - well, you know what I mean. I went for a medium sized lamp with a gorgeous rose pattern and I'm very happy I did. It actually took me ages to choose because there were too many good ones to just pick one.

5. Cupcake Doorstopper

Last but definitely not least, the cutest thing in my bedroom: a cupcake doorstopper. I couldn't resist including it in this post because who doesn't want a massive stuffed cupcake in their room, right? I certainly do. When I saw this doorstopper at my local bookstore, I knew I had to get it - it was only about 20 Euros as well, which was a plus. Anyway, life is too short to have a regular doorstopper.

I hope you enjoyed this post! What is your favourite piece of decoration in your bedroom? x




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