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Chocolate Bar Winter Makeup


Who would like an eyeshadow palette that doesn't only look a chocolate bar but also smells like one? Definitely me. And probably most people reading this post. I recently got the Too Faced Chocolate Bar, an eyeshadow palette with 16 gorgeous shades. Some of the shades are matte although the majority of them are shimmery, which I'm very happy about. As I love brown eyeshadows this palette has been on my mind for a quite a while and in December I finally walked into Sephora and got it for myself. And I am more than happy about this decision. Apart from the fact that the palette smells absolutely delicious, the eyeshadows have great pigmentation, blend really well and look beautiful when combining them. I also love that the palette covers a huge range of colours, from a shimmery white to a shimmery dark brown. An added bonus is that all of them are named after sweets - how cute is that? Plus I really like the brand, Too Faced has many amazing products that are all cruelty-free. You can use the Chocolate Bar for creating many different makeup looks, including a simple and natural look and a dramatic smokey eye. This winter I've been loving a silver and shimmery eye makeup and I've been wearing the same makeup look over the last month. If you want to know how I created it, read the description below - it is really simple, you only need the Chocolate Bar (or a similar eyeshadow palette), a few brushes and a mascara. x

First I primed my eyes using the Urban Decay Eye Primer to make the eyeshadow long-lasting. Next I used the shade 'Marzipan' all over my lids and a bit of 'Champagne Truffle' near my lash line and in the inner corners of my eyes. After that I used 'Hazelnut' in my crease and blended it with my Zoeva Blending Brush. If I'm going for a very natural look, I usually leave it like that, I love how well the shades go together. As I was going out in the evening I opted for a more 'intense' eye makeup look and added a bit of the shade 'Black Forest Truffle in the outer corner of my lid and blended it in to avoid any harsh lines. After that I highlighted my brown bones by applying a bit of 'White Chocolate' and then used my Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara to finish off the look - you could also apply some eyeliner to make the look even more 'dramatic', I just can't be bothered because I know that doing the perfect wing might lead to me skipping breakfast haha (anyone else guilty of that?). Anyway, this is my finished eye makeup look, it is very simple to recreate and brings a bit of glamour into a cold winter day. 

What is your favourite eye makeup look this season? x


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