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Mother's Day | 5 personal presents


Mother's Day is around the corner and most of you are probably trying to come up with a great present or a plan for the day - we all want to properly spoil our mother, right? Because she 100 % deserves it. Every year I try to come up with a new idea and even though I usually get my mum her favourite tea, a bouquet of flowers and some sweets I always try to add a personal present as well because I'm trying to make it a day she'll never forget. Apart from presents I sometimes plan activities - a few years ago a friend and me organised a picnic for our mothers which ended up taking place in the living room - oh how I love living in a rainy country haha - but it still was plenty of fun. Anyway, over the years I've made a lot of special and personal presents for my mum and today I thought I'd share my favourite ones with you. So if you're still looking for a present, this might give you some inspiration. x 

1. A Memory Game

I once gave my mum a self-made memory game for Mother's Day and I think it's one the cutest gifts I've given to her so far. I selected different pictures of me and my brother growing up and other family pictures and got two of each printed out. If you want it to look really professional, you can laminate the pictures but you don't have to. It's a beautiful gift that turns a children's game into a great trip down memory lane. 

2. A Pampering Box 

Let's spoil our mothers with a pampering box. Making it is very simple: all you need is a box and some paper. First you can wrap the outside and the inside of the box (without the lid!) to make it look nice. Then you can use some photos and stick them to the outside of the box - alternatively you can google some Mother's Day quotes, write them down and stick them to the box or you can use any kind of decoration you find - there really is no limit to your creativity. After doing that it's time to fill the box. If you want a budget friendly present you could write down some vouchers such as 'Voucher for cleaning the kitchen', 'Voucher for a DVD evening' etc and put them inside the box. If you want to spend more money you can create a proper pamper hamper and fill the box with shower gel, tea, wine, a candle and so on - you could also do a mix between them of course.

3. A Poem

Every year I write a poem for my mother because poetry is one of her passions and I think there's nothing more beautiful than receiving a heart-warming poem from a family member or a friend. You can talk about growing up, about special memories together or about how much she means to you. I also love making funny poems about me and my younger brother. If you want to take it further you could cut a heart out of red cardboard and stick the poem to it so that your mum can put it up on her wall.

4. A Family Heart

That one sounds a bit weird but let me explain. If you want to make this present you need photos of your family members and again, red cardboard. Then create something that looks like an advent calendar, but with pictures. In order to do that you need to cut out two equally big hearts, stick the pictures to the first one and then put the second heart over it, making sure you cut out little 'windows' where the pictures are so that it looks like an 'advent calendar' - I hope you get the image, I'm pretty bad at describing it. It is a lovely present though and while I'm writing this I'm starting to think that you could actually make a proper advent calendar with 24 family pictures. That way your mum has something to look forward to until December.

5. A Memory Jar 

I think I've mentioned this before but a memory jar is just the perfect Mother's Day present. All you need for this is a jar and some coloured or white paper. Decorate the jar (all I did was add a ribbon) and then write down some of your fondest childhood family memories & recent memories and put them into the jar. Your mother will love reading through all of these and the best thing is that you can add a new memory to the jar whenever you want.

Do you have any gift ideas for Mother's Day?x


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