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Retiro Park


If you're following my blog you probably know two things already: 1. I went on a trip to Madrid last weekend and 2. I fell in love with the city. This is basically what this post is about: a love story. Because even though I liked Madrid from the beginning I only knew I'd fallen in love with it when I walked through the gate of the Buen Retiro Park. It was a perfect day. Earlier on my mother and me had visited Plaza de Cibeles before walking all the way to the park and having lunch at a cafĂ© nearby - I had fries in a flower pot which definitely added to my good mood. Oh and the weather was beautiful that day, we had had a bit of rain the day before so the sun really brightened our mood. When we entered Retiro Park we were both blown away by its beauty. There was a little fountain and countless colourful flowers and as we walked further into the park we came across a beautiful lake, well two actually, and many statues. The highlight was definitely Crystal Palace, a beautiful building in which fossils were hanging from the top - which is such a fascinating idea I think. 

There were also some musicians playing typical Spanish songs and many people were walking their dogs or going for a run - if I lived in Madrid that would definitely be my place for going running too. I would be a lot more motivated as well. I hadn't planned on getting pictures taken but the weather was so lovely and sunny that we decided to do a spontaneous photo shoot in front of the fountain. I was wearing my favourite tartan skirt that I got at Urban Outfitters a couple of years ago and a sweatshirt I bought at Pull&Bear in Madrid - I really like wearing mint green in spring. What I really like about this outfit is that it's casual but still elegant at the same time. I was wearing it all day and didn't change clothes before we went out in the evening. By the way - don't let the pictures fool you, it was still pretty cold and windy that day, just really nice in the sun and warm enough for a quick shoot without my jacket, yay. I am really excited that March has finally started, I got some exciting plans for this month and I can't wait for warmer days. 

What are your plans for this month? Leave a comment below. x 

What I'm wearing

Top - Pull&Bear
Skirt - Urban Outfitters
Bracelets - Forever 21
Nail polish - Kiko
Boots - H&M


A weekend in Madrid 


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