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Ripped Jeans | A bit of Glitter


I hope you have all had an amazing weekend so far. And yes, it feels great to say that on a Monday. Long weekends are undoubtedly one of the best inventions, I need more of them please. We went away over the weekend to a lovely city in the countryside of southern France where we visited family. I really enjoyed the mini-holiday and totally used that excuse to stuff my face with chocolate eggs and French cake. I bet your weekend was similar - Easter is only once a year right? (let's not count all that Christmas chocolate!). To top it off, the weather was really good. It had been raining all week but on Saturday & Sunday the sun suddenly came out of its hiding place - perfect for an Easter egg hunt!

Talking about hunting - another thing I've been hunting for a while is a good pair of ripped jeans (what a smooth transition) and as you might or might not know from last week's post I finally found one at Topshop. I usually got trouble finding jeans that really fit me but Topshop just has the best trousers. They always fit perfectly, they are really comfy and the quality is amazing - and I think it's okay to invest money into a good pair of trousers because I know I will wear them many times. For last week's outfit I combined my ripped jeans with a grey blazer, a crop top and a pair of heels. The outfit I'm wearing in today's post is a bit more laid back yet elegant at the same time. I simply combined my beloved ripped jeans with a silver glittery top I bought at Forever 21 a while ago and a cardigan from H&M. I don't own many clothes from H&M but when I saw this cardigan I knew I had to get it and I've probably worn it every third day since then. I love how it's super comfortable and yet adds an elegant touch to every simple outfit. Both my accessories are from Topshop (surprise, surprise) - if you are following my blog you have definitely seen the hat before and I got the clutch when I was shopping in Madrid - I didn't really need another clutch but hey, it was on sale so I saved plenty of money (cough cough).

I think this outfit would be perfect for a city trip because it is super comfortable and still very interesting - in my opinion the look goes with any kind of occasion though. You could honestly wear it for a night out (maybe change the boots for heels then) or for a shopping trip. Or on a Tuesday after a long weekend to get over the fact that we need to get back to work. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little series, let me know if you like today's outfit and how you style your ripped jeans. x

What I'm wearing

Jeans, Clutch & Hat - Topshop
Cardigan & Boots - H&M
Top - Forever 21

Click here for last week's outfit!


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