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Ripped Jeans | Let's crop it


Bonjour tout le monde,

if you are following me on social media (and have seen my tweets about crêpes & my pictures of the sea) you know that I'm currently in the south of France, near Bordeaux to be a bit more specific. I am staying with a French family and I'm working as an au pair looking after their little child which has been a lot of fun so far (although I can't get the song about the little crocodile out of my head). The south of France is carrement magnifique, there are many beautiful beaches and the architecture is stunning. The villages and cities I've seen so far all have a mediterranean flair and instantly make you feel like you're on holiday. On Friday we spent the entire day at the beaches of Capbreton building sandcastles and enjoying the sunshine. Speaking of sunshine - I am happy that spring has finally arrived. Winter really seemed to drag on forever this year and although I don't mind snow in December I can certainly do without it in March.

Spring is my second favourite season of the year, I love seeing how all the flowers come back to life and I love it when it's warm enough to eat outside. Is there anything better than sitting in the garden having pancakes and a good cup of tea? (well yeah, having two cups of tea but let's not go there). When I was still at home my friend and me used the first warm day to go outside and take many pictures (250 to be exact) and I love how they turned out and decided to share them. For my outfit I combined a pair of ripped jeans with a simple crop top and an elegant grey blazer and this has been my go-to look for a while now. I have wanted a pair of ripped jeans for a really long time so I was over the moon when I finally found a pair that fit me. I love these jeans so much that I decided to not only do one but two fashion posts about it, the other one will be up in a week, so keep your eyes peeled for that. The outfit I'm wearing is nearly all Topshop (#notsponsored) and I love how it looks casual yet elegant at the same time. The bracelet I'm wearing was a present from my friend & soulmate from Ecuador, it consists of grey coins and I love wearing it with my grey blazer.

What is your favourite outfit this season? Are you happy that spring has finally arrived? x

What I'm wearing 

Top, Jeans & Blazer - Topshop
Boots - Buffalo


Hello Spring!
Spring [Forever 21] Lookbook


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