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To buy or not to buy | LR Skincare


I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was really good - I spent the weekend with one of my favourite people and we spent the majority of our time at caf├ęs and in bed. If you know me you know that this is my idea of a perfect weekend haha, especially after a busy week. Anyway, who is up for a chat about beauty? *raises hand*. I am not the most adventurous person when it comes to skincare - I got a few products that I trust and that I repurchase whenever they're empty. However winter is the season that always gets me rethinking my skincare. The reason is that I got very dry skin and that's why it often feels dried out during the cold season. During the last few weeks I had a lot more blemishes than I usually do and that's why I got excited when LR approached me and told me about their skincare products. This post is a collaboration and a review of two products of their skincare range. 

LR Health & Beauty is a company that is dedicated to natural cosmetics and ethical production. Their products are based on raw ingredients - with a focus on aloe vera - and all of their products are cruelty-free. I really like the concept of natural cosmetics and I had tried other products containing aloe vera before that had worked really well on my skin. Needless to say I was happy to try two of their products. The first product I tried was the Racine Cleansing Foam - as I was struggling with blemishes and outbreaks - and liked it from the beginning. The texture felt great on my skin and it left my skin feeling soft and surprisingly, really hydrated. As much as I like cleansers, they often dry out my skin even more - that's why I would recommend using cleansing foam or cleansing milk if you got dry skin like me. I have been using this cleansing foam for the past few weeks and it has definitely made a difference - it has cleared out my skin and it has made most of my blemishes disappear. LR products aren't the cheapest but this product came at a reasonable price (about 8 Euros)  and think that's definitely an amount worth investing into a good skincare product. Plus the bottle contains about 150 ml so it will last you a long time. 

The second product I tried was the Soft Skin Cleansing Tissues. Wet wipes are really practical for travelling and although I have heard that makeup removers are supposed to be better for your skin I was willing to give them a try. And they certainly didn't disappoint me. First of all they felt great on my skin (and smelt really good for that matter) and they didn't irritate my skin at all - which a lot of cleansing tissues do. Secondly my skin felt really clean afterwards and just as good as after using a proper makeup remover. The tissues removed my makeup really well and left my skin feeling fresh and soft. The only downside is the price though. 5 Euros are a lot for a regular package of cleansing tissues, especially because the main reason for using wet wipes over makeup removers is that they're more affordable. However I think that they're great alternative if you're going travelling and want to save some weight and space in your suitcase (who else is guilty of overpacking?). 

All in all I like both products and I can completely recommend purchasing the LR Cleansing Foam, especially if you're struggling with dry skin and blemishes. I also think it's important to support companies who stick to natural ingredients and ethical product so thumbs up for that! 

If you are interested in these products, you can click this link. x 

Have you tried any LR beauty products? 


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