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A little project | Intensity


Travelling opens the door to a whole new world. It changes your perspective of life and once you've caught the travel bug there is no going back. Your heart will forever ache to see new places and wanderlust will be a constant companion. We live in an amazing world and there are so many places to explore, so many cultures to get to know and so many mountains to be climbed. I have heard people say that the world is a book and that those who don't travel only read the first page. However I would rather read only one chapter with such intensity that it truly touches my soul and leaves me breathless than skip through a hundred. Even though I love travelling the world I do not believe travelling is about quantity. Just like with everything in life, quality comes first and when I was living in South Africa I did an experiment that I'm now finally sharing on my blog. Each time I visited a place I found truly beautiful I would stay there, open my heart and fully take it in instead of rushing to get somewhere else. When I thought I had truly seen it and felt it I asked my friend to take a picture, as a souvenir of my experience.

Sometimes, all we need to do is stop for a minute. Forget about everything else and just embrace the beauty this is in front of us. To me, travelling does not only mean exploring foreign places, it also means getting caught in the moment and getting swept away. And only if we allow that to happen, we are travelling in a way that does not only enrich our mind but our soul. Of course this does not only apply to travelling, it applies to everyday life as well. Even if we're just reading one page, we can make sure to read it intensely, to fully comprehend the beauty of the words and we can also open our spirit and read between the lines. From time to time, we just need to lay all the worries and thoughts aside and allow ourselves to get carried away and to fully live in the moment, just like a child.

The moments caught in the pictures above are those that I will never forget, those that have left a permanent mark on my heart. And if I close my eyes, I can almost feel the buzz of Cape Town and I can almost hear the crashing of the waves.

Can you remember the last time you got truly caught in the moment? x 

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