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If someone asked me to describe my fashion taste and how I dress, I would simply answer that this isn't something I could ever put into a few words. Just like the weather (especially European weather, cough) my style constantly changes.
As a person who is really passionate about self-expression through clothing I don't limit myself to one specific style. Instead I dress differently every day, depending on my mood and what I'm feeling like. To me, fashion provides an incredible opportunity: the opportunity to invent yourself again every single day. I sometimes go through times of combining crazy patterns and just until recently I hardly ever wore jeans. Or any kind of trousers for that matter. Instead I went for casual or crazy skirts or dresses, combining them with hats and tops. Over the last few weeks, that has changed though. And I'm fully blaming Topshop for that or to be more specific, their jeans. They just fit perfectly, are super comfortable and well, I am obsessed with them. And using this word is another thing I usually don't do. I reserve it for special occasions and well, this is one of them. Topshop has officially turned me into a jeans-lover. 

But let's elaborate on the subject of fashion. Not only am I wearing jeans almost every day at the moment my style has taken on a form of simplicity. I love investing into pieces that allow many different combinations and I love putting together simple but elegant outfits that look interesting without plenty of accessories. Just like I'm simplifying my life, I'm simplifying my clothing. Don't worry though, my beloved hats will never disappear. I couldn't bring them to France and I'm already missing them too much. Anyway, let's talk about my outfit: apart from a pair of Topshop jeans and my H&M boots that you are probably tired of by now I am wearing a grey top that I found at Stradivarius in Madrid. When I first came across this top I tried it on in the wrong size and left the store as it was about to close in a few minutes. Over the next two days I couldn't get this top out of my mind though so I ended up going back and finally tried it on in the right size. And I'm very glad I did because I love how it's cut - this transforms a simple piece into a really unique one. Oh and the top was only about 10 Euros, you can't go wrong with that. To top off my look I decided on a black satchel I had bought at Urban Outfitters a few years ago. Does anyone else have many bags but never uses them? The reason might be that we got our 'entire life' in our handbags and that changing a bag is a mini version of changing flats (ladies, you know what I'm talking about right?). I really like the finished outfit and I nearly named this post 'Back to School' as it reminds me of my High School days. Anyway, although I love wearing simple outfits at the moment I highly doubt this is going to last forever as at the bottom of my heart, I also love dressing up. So let's see what happens when I'm back home, reunited with my beloved wardrobe.

What I'm wearing

Top - Stradivarius
Jeans - Topshop
Satchel - Urban Outfitters
Boots - H&M

Do you prefer simple clothing or dressing up? Do you have a 'specific style'? 

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